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Wednesday, 18.09.2019
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In Austria, in 2012 Worthersee German manufacturer Volkswagen has presented a special model Golf GTI Black Dynamic, which is engaged in the development of a team of young professionals between the ages of 18 to 24 years. Body concept combines black metallic and matte elements. Compared with the original Golf GTI reduced ground clearance, but there were also 19-inch alloy wheels.

Shop Volkswagen Golf GTI Black Dynamic has also changed ... Read more »
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When a company introduces the Aston Martin Lagonda in 2009, it seemed the beginning of the revival of the model - the first SUV of the company. However, this idea has not evolved into something more when the representative of the Aston Martin one year later announced that the model does not appear in the proceedings.

But to make the situation even more awkward, the company announced that it intends to reconsider its decision, as it i ... Read more »
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British car manufacturer McLaren oud confirmed that the successor to the legendary F1 will be presented in 2013. The car, called the MP4-27 has several times been seen in testing, and based on those images, it was possible to make the first sketches of the model.

The body will be similar to a MP4-12C carbon fiber structure Monocell. The car will be powered by a V-shaped eight-cylinder engine of 3.8 liters with a system of KERS (kinet ... Read more »
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German automaker Volkswagen will soon show a rather interesting concept - a car that was designed and created specifically for the streets.

The new model will be Polo WRC Street, which distinguish quite unusual design features which will be noticeable rear spoiler, diffuser, sport suspension, and graphics with logo R-WRC. The car will be painted in white with contrasting blue and gray stripes, akin to the rally cars.

Und ... Read more »
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It's no secret that the future line of Bavarian automaker BMW models will change substantially. For example, the 1-Series will exist only in the hatchback version, while the coupe and convertible will be the range of 2-series.

And according to many rumors, top-end version of this series will become a model M2. The car will be released one year after the debut of the standard model. Future cars will be created on the new platform, F21 ... Read more »
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Spanish car maker Seat will present at the annual event, taking place on Lake W? Rthersee, its new concept not without interest, as well as some new cars.

One such car is Leon Super Copa - a model that drew inspiration from a fellow from the world of auto racing WTCC. The price of the car starts at $ 80,000. New Seat will be equipped with a modified version of two-liter TSI-engine from the Leon Cupra R.

Its power of 300 ... Read more »
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It has long been known that the British automaker plans to McLaren roadster version of its model MP4-12C, but only now has been declared a release date of sale - the end of 2012. The car will be identical in all his fellow coupe except, of course, the roof.

Similar to the coupe, the roadster will be powered by a V-shaped eight-cylinder engine - like the model of the company. The British are not yet ready to offer twelve-engine in the ... Read more »
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The Japanese luxury brand Lexus is preparing a new generation of the IS and, together with the standard version will see the light and the IS-F. The first information about the car said that he will receive five-liter eight-cylinder engine produces 470 horsepower, making it a serious rival to BMW M3.

Length of the Lexus IS-F will be 4.680 mm, width - 1,820 mm, and height - 1.400. The new five-liter V-twin engine will have a capacity ... Read more »
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The last few days on the right belonged to the Bavarian automaker BMW, which introduced several models: the versatile 3rd series, three-door model of the 1-series, as well as the M135i.

And today, the Germans offer their car in the lineup are new 1-series: 135is, which will be released in convertible and coupe version. Prices for cars start at $ 44.145 for the coupe version and $ 48.845 for the convertible. Sales will begin in the fa ... Read more »
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After the Bavarian carmaker BMW showed a concept on the M135i Motor Show in Geneva, he is already preparing the car for production. The new model will distinguish an outstanding appearance and interior.

But apart from this new three-liter car boast a six-cylinder inline engine of 320 horsepower. This allows the car to accelerate to "hundreds" of 5.1 seconds and reach a maximum speed - electronically limited - 250 km / h

... Read more »
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The American automaker Chevrolet announced his intention to demonstrate the new "world" SUV at the upcoming September auto show.

Crossover, which is called Trax, will be more than 140 markets around the world, including Mexico and Canada that will be the first, where will this car. The new model will reflect the full dynamics of the new auto company, which are oriented in the promising segment - the youth. At the same time, the car i ... Read more »
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The current generation Mercedes E-Class was introduced in 2009 at the Frankfurt Motor Show, and ever since the car did not undergo absolutely no change.

But the situation will soon change, as the German automaker intends to submit an updated E-Class model line in 2013. In addition, the new model has already managed to get caught in the camera lens paparazzi, showing a number of changes. The new car boasts more elegant lamps, which wi ... Read more »
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Top model of the previous generation Mini was JCW GP - a special car that was released a limited edition of two thousand pieces. And now, it seems, history repeats itself again, as the automaker has provided information on the new John Cooper Works GP.

The company describes this car as the fastest. He managed to overcome the famous Nürburgring in 8 minutes 23 seconds. The new car will be offered to the engine, chassis and aerodynamic ... Read more »
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The intention of the German automaker Audi to increase the rate of sales to a half million cars per year and expand its influence in the markets of China, Germany and the United States in 2015 is now met with harsh realities, forcing the company to withdraw a little from his plan.

However, this goal Audi began actively campaigning for the registration of new models, starting with Q6, Q8, R6, S2, S9, RS1 and the RS8. Some of these nam ... Read more »
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Over the past few months, the German automaker Porsche unveiled a fair amount of information regarding the release of new models that are designed to occupy a niche under the Porsche Panamera.

It is difficult to say why it was so decided. Perhaps the fact that, despite the fact that the Panamera sedan was received very warmly, fans wanted to brand the company to remain adhered to the production of sports cars. Until recently it was k ... Read more »
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Beginning in 2013 the Bavarian automaker BMW refuses coupe and convertible 3-series. Instead, the new model will be the name of the 4-series, while the name of the third series will be used only for the sedan and station wagon.

The Germans at this point are in the process of testing a long future gig 4th series, as evidenced by a large number of spy shots, taken over the past few months. And all the pictures continue to appear - now ... Read more »
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Ubiquitous spies, the paparazzi managed to capture a prototype of the upcoming Volvo XC40 before its debut, scheduled for a car show in Paris, to be held in September.

Like most of today's automakers, the Swedes are going to offer a small SUV, which is every day becoming more popular in every market. Featuring a high ground clearance and height than the V40, the new XC40 should be a boon to all lovers of SUVs.

Informatio ... Read more »
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Bentley Continental lineup automaker currently boasts GT Coupe models, and GTC Convertible, and according to the latest rumors about the company is preparing to fill a family of another model - GTH.

Letter "H" in this acronym hides behind a Hybrid - a hybrid. Snake, Bentley significantly "reduced" in size, reducing engine with eight-to twelve-popular V-shaped, used in the new model GT. According to unconfirmed information, the system ... Read more »
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German carmaker Audi is ready to offer a line of SUVs, which includes models Q3, Q5, Q7, and Q6, which is now at the stage, ready to become a worthy competitor to BMW X6.

However, new rumors suggest that the Germans are currently working on a new SUV, which will become a much "sportier" than the current five-door Q3. Future models will be built on the familiar platform of MQB and design will be close to the A1.

According ... Read more »
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Upcoming Mercedes CLS Shooting Brake was recently included in the lenses of cameras, showing a complete lack of camouflage tape. The first time in quite a long time, you can see the new line up headlamps and a body.

And judging by the fact that the car tried to show off all your charms noovobretennye, it is expected to release in the near future. Model Name Shooting Brake - it's just elegant to avoid rough "CLS Wagon," which hardly a ... Read more »
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No, this is not Ultima GTR, a car in the photo is the Ultima GTW - model created based on the GTR and has undergone significant modification of the engine. Ultima GTR is equipped with a standard eight-cylinder engine of 6.3 liters and output of 534 horsepower.

New Ultima GTW also boasts a modern, more spacious engine - 7.2-liter - capacity of 648 horsepower. The car was created as part of Wayne Lansdowne, who set out to raise the Ult ... Read more »
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The automaker Mini for a long time, so to speak, filled his hand in the production of cars, which have an enviable popularity in the market. And now the Germans are ready to offer another model that, in 2011 at the Detroit auto show was presented as a concept Paceman.

The car that will go into production as a coupe version of the model Countryman, was recently spotted undergoing test trials. The new Countryman debut at Paris Motor Sh ... Read more »
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The Japanese automaker has grown accustomed to the idea that the car Mitsubishi Colt was not the most successful cars. Especially good fortune spared him on the European market. This led to the decision to close a factory in Europe, resulting in a large number of other cars flooded the world's factories.

One of the models will replace the Mitsubishi Mirage, which made ​​its debut on the Asian market last year. But recently the car wa ... Read more »
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Swedish automaker Volvo XC90 SUV launched in 2003 and since then the model has not undergone any radical improvement. However, the model range in 2013 the company announced "the most significant update since the release."

In order to meet the new model year, the SUV has acquired a completely new look. Improve the appearance include new body-color bumpers, side "skirts", wheel arches and, of course, the new LED daytime lights.
< ... Read more »
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Once at the auto show in Geneva, successfully debuted the next generation hatchback Audi A3, it is time to focus on other models of this line of cars.

A few weeks ago appeared on the network first spy shots of model S3, and now it's time to get acquainted with the future A3 cabriolet submitted by the renderer. Fully convertible borrow design features from its sibling hatch. The exception, of course, be only folding roof.

... Read more »
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Among all this hype and excitement raised by the press around the twin models - Toyota GT 86 and Subaru BRZ, dwells in obscurity third car triumvirate - Scion FR-S.

However, the situation will soon change, because the car has already made ​​its debut. And unlike their counterparts, Scion FR-S will appear in every corner of the world. The prerequisite for this is the emergence of the concept at an automobile exhibition in New York. ... Read more »
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After a long wait time, the U.S. carmaker Ford, at last, vigorously presented his new Focus ST, supplying commentary debut, which followed a standard five-door model that will see the light and the wagon version.

The appearance of the car caused a storm among fans of hatchbacks, forcing all fans of the model to be worn on the World Wide Web in search of information. The benefit of their delight is the reason: two-liter turbocharged e ... Read more »
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Due to its spies from the site worldcarfans.com guys got the first photos of 2014 Acura MDX. However, the model was heavily disguised, but it seems it has changed the front panel. At least it feels like its predecessor model 2014 differs a new grille and larger air intakes. Another couple of photos inside the publication.

Engine options also remain a mystery, but according to rumors, leaked to the internet before, the crossover can b ... Read more »
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Rumors about Chevrolet SS began to circulate in the automotive environment, not so long ago: ever since, as the American automaker, after four decades of use of the logo "SS" has decided to make it his trademark.

Rumor has increased, and after a mistake carmaker General Motors posted a line of cars in 2014, under which the model was, and SS Performance - a powerful car Chevrolet. All this adds to the arguments in favor of the argumen ... Read more »
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German carmaker Opel has long been engaged in tests of the new model Junior and just recently the car was spotted at the famous German Nürburgring for the final race before the official debut.

However, apart from spy photos were published and the following information is worthy of attention: According to rumors, the future model of the Junior would give up his title in favor of Adam and will be officially presented to the 8th of May. ... Read more »
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Earlier this year, at the Geneva Motor Show, the Bavarian automaker introduced the concept is quite noticeable M135i. And, of course, immediately after the rumors began to circulate about the possibility of the appearance of this car in production.

A few weeks ago appeared the first spy photos M135i, which is tested at the German Nürburgring, but now it became known that the car will appear in the back compartment. Most likely, the f ... Read more »
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Not long ago, the French manufacturer released a teaser image of its new sedan, and now visitors to the Beijing auto show today may live to estimate Renault Talisman. This is the European version of Samsung SM7, which is only available in the Chinese market. Both cars are designed on the platform of Renault-Nissan Alliance J31, and build new items, like fellow, will be carried out in South Korea.

The all-new Renault Talisman was form ... Read more »
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As expected, the North American auto giant Chrysler Group LLC officially unveiled at the Beijing Motor Show its new SUV Jeep Wrangler Dragon Design Concept. Recall that earlier this month, the network has its first teaser of new items, and now you can appreciate it in the official photographs. Gallery is located inside the publication.

Recall that the new product, as well as Chrysler 300C Dragon Design Concept, released to celebrate ... Read more »
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Website carscoop.blogspot.com published photos of the expected crossover Audi Q5, spy photos that have repeatedly found themselves on the Internet this year. Even if they are not official, they certainly show us how it will look an updated model.

The new Q5, a number of aesthetic changes to its front side. For example, the manufacturer installed a new radiator grille with chrome inserts, modified headlamps with LEDs, new fog lamps an ... Read more »
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In Beijing, Jaguar introduced its latest luxury car, named XJ Ultimate. Novelty has a long wheelbase, the new bumper with air intakes and chrome trim, 20-inch forged alloy two-tone wheels, oval exhaust pipes.

Shop no less gorgeous than the exterior. Leather interior, klimot control various electronic gadgets, elegantly inscribed in the interior, a powerful speaker system and it is only a small part of the new features. Inside the Jag ... Read more »
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At the auto show in Beijing, the German company Volkswagen Lavida sedan introduced a lineup of 2013. As you can see, the new product inspired by the North American version of the Passat, so that for many it may seem boring in terms of design. Nevertheless, fans will be less.

As for performance, the knowledge about them is not much. We know that the entry-level Volkswagen Lavida is equipped with antilock brakes, electronic stability c ... Read more »
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The German company Mercedes-Benz presented at the Beijing Motor Show its new Concept Car Coupe Concept Style (CSC). The four-door coupe is based on the platform MFA, which is different aggressive design. Under the hood is a turbocharged 2.0 liter petrol engine chetyrehtsilidrovy, the power of 208 horsepower.

Mercedes-Benz Concept Style Coupe is a pilot version, which will form the basis for an entirely new model to be launched in 201 ... Read more »
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President of the Bavarian company BMW, Frederick Nitshke already confirmed that presented at the Geneva show BMW M135i will be released in its production form. And in confirmation of this, spyware, paparazzi have noticed a car passing the test trials on the German Nürburgring.

Future models will be equipped with M135i N55 six-cylinder engine capacity of 320 horsepower. The unit will work in conjunction with rear-wheel drive and sport ... Read more »
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Car community have grown accustomed to the fact that the new Dodge Dart - Alfa Romeo Giulietta is in a different wrapping. However, the company Fiat has gone even further, using drawings, Dodge Dart, to begin assembly in China of its models Viaggio.

By teaser shot, which gave the company, we can only judge that Dart and Viaggio car is not essential will be different in appearance. Foods distinguish himself using a car headlight confi ... Read more »
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The third generation Ford Galaxy car appeared on the market in 2006 and after a little "facelift" in 2009, the estate prepares to meet its fourth generation.

Today, the American automaker has already begun work on a new car. This is indicated by recent photos of the prototype test, which was observed during the field tests. The car is the presence of a completely new front end, which, however, was a couple of the old body, which is p ... Read more »
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The all-new SUV Lamborghini, concept cars which should be presented next week at the Beijing Auto Show, once again lit up the Internet. Rumors about the new Italian manufacturer began to emerge recently. Initially it was thought that the SUV will be named MLC, but recent information suggests a different name - URUS.

Once the manufacturer has published the first teaser image, it was interesting to see many more, and now that chance ha ... Read more »
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Matte color body is now gaining more and more speed, becoming extremely popular form of personalization. Especially if it is applied to such models as the BMW 650i.

One of the most famous body studio - SR Auto Group - just the way it has decided to vary the appearance of the German coupe, calling it "Shadow Walker" ("Walking in the shadow"). To create the unique look of the studio masters combined two shades: glossy and matte black c ... Read more »
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Looking at how the sister company Nissan delves into the history of his own intention to revive the brand name Datsun, French automaker Renault, feeling out of sorts, taking controversial decision to recall the Alpine sports car 110.

The company said that its dedicated to the fiftieth anniversary of the Alpine Model 110 will be released at the Paris Motor Show to be held on September 29 and runs until October 14. Renault has once rai ... Read more »
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Less than a month after being caught in the camera lenses Mini Cooper S JCW GP, which is tested at the German Nurburgring, was able to capture the very "young" model of the range Mini.

This car is the new coupe, which, incidentally, has already managed to get all the sports set JCW GP. This is how in the field of ubiquitous spies, the paparazzi got a rather strange car, which featured the exterior of wheels and rear diffuser, which w ... Read more »
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As you know, not so long ago known, BMW celebrated its 30th anniversary. By this solemn event the company was prepared thoroughly enough. And the results met with the release of a new model of motorcycle. This creation of modern technology and all kind specification is fully consistent with the company's image and emphasizes the particular brand.

The achievements of the company were immediately recorded on the international motovysta ... Read more »
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The rapidly growing automobile market of China is a real gold mine for any automaker, whose concepts are presented, for example, at an exhibition like the Geneva or Frankfurt, there will always be happy to taken in Beijing or Shanghai.

In turn, the German automaker Audi at the Beijing auto show, tickets for which I advise booking now, intends to present the concept Audi RS3. Differences of the new car is blue-black color scheme, as w ... Read more »
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The R8 has become extremely successful for the German car Audi. At one time he was conceived as a first attempt to compete with modern supercars. And the car is paid off with interest.

Now the R8 is available in various versions, including the popular R8 V10, which is equipped with the same 5.2-liter engine as the Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4. However, as is the case with all the other cars, he was confronted with an update. Already ... Read more »
CATEGORY: World news | VIEWS: 654

German carmaker Audi is preparing to add a new model to its family of RS, and judging by the new spy shots, this car will RS6 Avant, which has already been noticed during the tests.

Mid-size sports car hit the camera lens undergoing test trials at the German Nürburgring. Auto excelled using a large number of camouflage nets, indicating that the first test of this sample. As previously reported, the model will receive a four-liter eig ... Read more »
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As early as 2010 photos of the car BMW M3 Dakar Yellow flooded the Internet, prompting a storm of debate. At that time, many thought, why not distribute the Bavarian automaker is so noticeable a color scheme for all other models? But, alas, all the attention of the Germans switched to a series of "Frozen".

It was not until this moment. Now the family of the yellow car added another model: M-coupe 1-series. In addition to a noticeable ... Read more »
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Not long ago, the automaker Jaguar introduced the first details about its Roadster F-Type, which was supposed to appear at the end of 2012 with sales beginning in mid-2013.

Despite the fact that the official information confirms only one roadster, in a recent interview with AutoExpress Ian resource Kollum, head of design department, said that the coupe version will be a little later: in the next 12 - 18 months. "Coupe definitely see ... Read more »
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