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Wednesday, 17.07.2019
Main » 2011 » August » 28 » Maserati Baby Quattroporte 2013 foto
Maserati Baby Quattroporte 2013 foto
After seven years of continuous perfect sales model decides to grab a piece Quattroporte meatier segment of sedans "luxury". The next step will be the release of Maserati's younger brother aforesaid model. Kid Quattroporte appear in the middle of 2012, and its price is rumored to be $ 60,000.

The idea behind this model is to satisfy the customers of the famous car manufacturer, who complained that the standard model Quattroporte is too big. Italians responded to a decrease in the wheelbase, which generally make the car less.

As for the engine, instead of eight-cylinder engine Ferrari, under the hood of the younger Quattroporte will be a three-liter twin-turbo Pentastar from Chrysler. So far this intention has not been fully confirmed, but it's a matter of time, especially given the ever-increasing standards for fuel economy. But the problem here and that the Pentastar provides only 200 hp, while the standard Quattroporte model has 400 "horses" on board.

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