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Thursday, 04.06.2020
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Matte color body is now gaining more and more speed, becoming extremely popular form of personalization. Especially if it is applied to such models as the BMW 650i.

One of the most famous body studio - SR Auto Group - just the way it has decided to vary the appearance of the German coupe, calling it "Shadow Walker" ("Walking in the shadow"). To create the unique look of the studio masters combined two shades: glossy and matte black c ... Read more »
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Developing the Chinese market rate space requires more truly luxurious product. Including from the European automobile manufacturers. In order not to remain in the shadow of "big brother" of the tuner Carlsson decided to offer a vision of luxury for the wealthy Chinese.

The car has received index CS60 Royale and has undergone refinements rather impressive. The first update includes dvuhnadduvny engine V12. Thanks to a sports exhaust ... Read more »
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Wiesmann Roadster car survived very well in the car market, earning a certain popularity. But all good things come to da end.

So, 18 years later, as long as the world saw the first sports car Roadster MF3, he was ready to sing his last song. Complete history of this car special edition model that will be collected in collaboration with Sieger. The automaker will 18 cars - one for each year of existence - each will have a special colo ... Read more »
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Usually when people talk about Underground Racing, come to mind tuning program for vehicles such as Lamborghini and Ferrari, because they are such masters of the studio enhancements.

But a half years ago, the company announced the start of Underground Racing works on the car Audi R8 V10. And now improved to offer four different stages of renovation. New Audi R8 boasts three new packages in addition to the version of Race Version.
... Read more »
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Had not yet roadster, built at the base, is almost legendary, super car, the fancy to the masses, as he had already left for tuning package. Germans from Kicherer not going to nap.

Several had lost its charm after removing the door ala "gull-wing», SLS AMG Kicherer played back cvoy corporate gloss. New, huge, black visor grill grille, combined with constant fear navedut headlights at any car that poimeet be careless in his way. To cr ... Read more »
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List of bodywork studio that works with the car Porsche Panamera, as vast as the number of people that find the idea of ​​translating a sports car in a large sedan untenable.

The idea of such a vehicle is clear of every company that deals with the tuning: take the car unattractive and make the audience fall in love with his car at any price. Service Pack from Prior Design is the epitome of chic, not glamorous or, he also does not gua ... Read more »
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A new generation of models CLS, bearing the index 218, dominates the consciousness not only among ordinary townsfolk, but also for professionals involved in fine-tuning of cars. A vision of the shape and configuration engine engineers Carlsoon will appeal to most fans are really fast cars.

Appearance in the performance version of the CLS design of Merzig is not so radical, race-athletic as their colleagues from Brabus. The front bump ... Read more »
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German bodybuilder studio Alpina introduced the program to finalize the BMW 5 Series, which became known as D5 Bi-Turbo. Based mainly on improving the productive performance, the package will offer "refreshed" version of the native Bavarian Motor.

The standard six-cylinder three-liter diesel engine was able to give out 245 horsepower. However, after bringing it to mind by Alpina, he was capable of more, and more precisely at 345 "hor ... Read more »
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Renntech studio bodybuilder needs no introduction - they say for their work to improve the cars Mercedes. And noticed they can not stay, because the US-based company that deals with the German cars - this is especially interesting.

One of the most popular programs Renntech has updated the car C63 AMG. The program has already gained fame all over the world, including in Russia. But all of this popularity is based solely on improving a ... Read more »
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Vehicle Body studio has an incredible knack Hamann, allowing the masters of this glorious company have improved the already impressive performance characteristics of cars.

Their choice of style look of the car - it's always hit or miss. However, there have been no case in which the cars that have undergone revision in the company, did not attract attention. One of these cars from Hamann became convertible.

Convertible, w ... Read more »
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Main road show, the kind that takes place in Frankfurt, simply can not do without the participation of eminent body-shop. Such as the Mansory. And this year was no exception: the Germans did not disappoint, presenting some very interesting projects.

One of the works Mansory program was to finalize the Bentley Continental GT, which has received a number of aerodynamic and performance improvements. The Germans were "dressed up" Contine ... Read more »
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Vehicle Body studio Mansory benefits in triple the amount of exposure to car show in Frankfurt. To start with, they presented their projects about cars Audi R8 Spyder and Bentley Continental GT, and now preparing for the show and Mercedes SLS AMG.

The program contains both improve the appearance and aerodynamics, and performance improvements. Thus cars can boast of numerous elements of carbon - from the chassis up and so perfect mana ... Read more »
CATEGORY: Tuning | VIEWS: 645

Literally the day before the motor show in Frankfurt, the German body builder studio Anderson Germany slightly lift the veil on its new creation - package of improvements to the car Porsche Panamera Turbo, causing great interest and impatience in the automotive community.

Among the many aerodynamic and performance improvements can be difficult to find the worker Panamera. Immediately striking new grille the car, the shape of headligh ... Read more »
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Held next major event in the life of every motorist, and the next Hamman Hawk appeared before the public. The company had already dealt with Hamman car Mercedes SLS AMG, bringing it to mind. And a new current model includes elements of the previous ones, in addition to their own style.

The main difference from the previous package of improvements is the new color scheme of the car. Hawk - Hawk - has changed its plumage with gold on a ... Read more »
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Most recently, his vision and shape the technical component of the sixth series of Convertible demonstrated tuners from AC Schnitzer. Share your thoughts with the public and representatives have decided to no less eminent Hamann.

If representatives from tuning studio in Aachen tried to add elegance to the car, the specialists from Laupheim decided to make his creation as an eccentric and extravagant. It is worth noting that it was th ... Read more »
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The famous tuner cars Volvo has prepared for the Frankfurt Motor Show modified V60 with a special interior, exterior changes and improved performance. Heico Sportiv added vehicle two-piece front bumper, rear diffuser with carbon fiber inserts, lowered suspension and 19-inch wheels shod in rubber Pirelli 245/35R19.

The seats, door panels, instrument panel with center console finished in leather, and a ceiling covered with Alcantara. < ... Read more »
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Once a company has demonstrated a particular model of Dodge Charger - Pursuit, body builder studio Mopar announced the release of six new police package "body kit" for this car.

"The company made ​​the Mopar Dodge Charger Pursuit car more valuable and interesting," - said the executive director of Mopar, Pietro throat - "all the elements of customization have been thoroughly tested and available to every police department in six diff ... Read more »
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The German tuners have always been famous for its super-fast and powerful cars, and in particular the Brabus. So expect from one of the giants of tuning the car industry, which would be aimed at caring for the environment, it was quite difficult.

Hybrid Mercedes-Benz E-Class will be equipped with a special package of amendments Brabus ECO D3, which is pretty impressive. Depending on the mode or Eco Sport, power plant will add to the ... Read more »
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German tuning studio has become famous throughout the world through the creation of a truly crazy machines, which were the basis for the chosen production car Mercedes-Benz. Another variation on the theme of the 4-door coupe CLS is able to excite the mind of any, even the most skeptical motorists.

The experience of previous generations has allowed Brabus become a company that produced the fastest four-door car. The previous generatio ... Read more »
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At the International Motor Show in Frankfurt, another exclusive audience will appreciate the German tuning studio Brabus, which specializes in refining production car brand Mercedez-Benz. Receivers will provide the visitors a joint project of the Motor Show "Smart Brabus tailor made by WeSC" - a compact city car, designed in close collaboration with the designers of WeSC. The unique car will be built only on personal request, and therefore its va ... Read more »
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Along with the new European hatchback Civic, company Honda, possibly present in Frankfurt the hardcore version of Type R Mugen, created last year with a tuning division of Mugen. Of the twenty cars were sold only sixteen. Four of them were converted into Civic Type R Mugen 2.2.

Performance of power plant increased by 30%, which amounted to 260 hp and 240 Nm at 6000 rev / min. The car also has acquired an enhanced suspension, upgraded ... Read more »
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British designer Afzal Kahn (Afzal Kahn) introduced the Audi A5 Coupe into a new image. Tuning starts with the body matte pearl-gray, vented bumpers, black front grille with red accents and a spoiler on the trunk lid.

Experts Project Kahn set square exhaust pipes, tinted windows, 21-inch alloy wheels and lowered suspension, giving the car a more aggressive attitude. The cabin appeared aluminum pedals, a new instrument panel and full ... Read more »
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German tuning studio AC Schnitzer again tyuninigovat continues its production cars of any brand BMW and this time the choice fell on the tuners convertible 650i. New generation of BMW 650i Convertible has appeared only in the spring of this year and so the car just begins to grow into new bodywork, packets of technical improvements and interior customization programs from different manufacturers. In turn, AC Schnitzer offers a complete tuning pac ... Read more »
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The German company MTM prepares wheel drive version of hatchback Audi A1 Nardo Edition, which in July set a world speed record for this car. According to experts, the version with all-wheel drive will be faster as opposed to front-drive cars. Three-door hatchback will be able to accelerate faster, allowing the tuner from the MTM studio beat your record is. Work on the creation of a sports car based on urban runabout already underway, but the car ... Read more »
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The famous German tuning studio TechArt bring in Frankfurt is one of the fastest cars ever built on the basis of Porsche. This is a new version of a sports car GTstreet RS, based on the Porsche 911 GT2 RS. The car gets a serious upgrade the engine, revised suspension, new staling package body, new interior, new set of disks and anything that might somehow affect the improvement of its speed performance. The result - the most powerful sports car o ... Read more »
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The American tuning studio GWA-Tuning is planning to recreate the legendary sports car Ferrari 340 Mexico Berlinetta early 50-ies, but with a modern twist. The very original tuners were not able to get it, because this sports car is one of the most expensive and unique cars in the world, so they decided to build his version of a rarity on the platform coupe Ferrari 456, which are produced in the 90s. While in 1952, was built only three copies of ... Read more »
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The U.S. company Pennzoil, which manufactures motor oil, has arranged a special campaign "Join the Pursuit", which the winner will get an exclusive Dodge Challenger SRT8 392 "Penske Racing Edition". To take part in the campaign will go to the nearest oil change Pennzoil Company or visit the company's website to get a ticket or code. Each party has its own number, which he must enter the company's website Pennzoil.com 31 October 2011. If you are r ... Read more »
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Recently, particularly active representatives of the various tuning studio. Not deprived of attention and one of the most interesting of the charged hatchback.

Not the most expressive exterior of the car has undergone the slightest change. Instead of the standard, new alloy wheels 18 inches in diameter, which are shod with sports tire production Michelin, the dimension 225/35. Just tuners obscured Headlights Clio RS, toned glass, and ... Read more »
CATEGORY: Tuning | VIEWS: 620

It would seem, sports cars, especially Italian, so delicious that no outside interference just does not need them. However, there are people who think differently, but the result of their work is impressive.

Representatives from the German tuning studio Cam Shaft had a really fascinating work. 458 Italia, has several new aerodynamic components, the most striking of which is a new rear diffuser, reminiscent of the cars involved in a s ... Read more »
CATEGORY: Tuning | VIEWS: 627

Hot hatchback Renault has already repeatedly proved their worth, without any additional intervention. But if suddenly someone the basic version will be enough, come to the aid of the British RS Tuning.

Experts tuning studio, which is based in Leeds, produced a rather extensive program of improvements, which became known as Stage 2. This package included a new, more efficient intercooler, exhaust system, steel production Milltek, new ... Read more »
CATEGORY: Tuning | VIEWS: 641

German tuning studio TH Automobile released from his garage a unique car - minibus VW T5, converted into a high-speed and high-tech office on wheels.

Comfort - it is only one component of the VW T5 minibus TH Automobile. On the "pumping" the chassis tuners also do not forget, in the rear, they found a 480-hp engine from the Porsche 911 Turbo, so that from zero to "hundreds" of vehicle accelerates in 4.9 seconds, almost like a super c ... Read more »
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In whom then-first century mind tuner specializing in fine-tuning of BMW cars switched from 1-series M, in older M3. The results are impressive.

The car looks great, but this M3 is not a single gram of whether civil sports car, which it was originally. In appearance has changed everything. The car received new front bumper with splitter, hood, side skirts with special channels to cool the brakes, as well as a new rear wing and rear b ... Read more »
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The British automaker Eterniti Motors published the first photos of what he calls "the world's first super-SUV». According to the company's management, Hemera please even the most demanding customers.

The prototype vehicle will be presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Serial production of SUV will begin next year.

Technical characteristics of the vehicle are unknown, except that Hemera will be built "on a platform full- ... Read more »
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When it comes to tuning the various programs and packages, car Ford Mustang is one of the most valuable and interesting for body shop. And for good reason.

A company Design-World is a connoisseur of such models, making them even more remarkable cars stunning looks and impressive performance characteristics. From exterior, Design-World offers a variety of details, such as diffuser, radiator and bumper, the orange color which contrasts ... Read more »
CATEGORY: Tuning | VIEWS: 665

The latest model of the company from Woking in the recognition of many - the standard of sports avtoombilya. But the tuners from Merdar it looked so good.

While "Zatyuningovanny" version of the MP4-12C is presented only as an image, but on these sketches can be easily understood that the machine is to change radically over. McLaren engineers to create a supercar first repelled by the aerodynamic performance, trying to make his creati ... Read more »
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The crossover, which became a donor for such a class of recognized leaders like the Porsche Cayenne and Audi Q7, are unlikely to be bad. Nevertheless, specialists JE Design have done so Touareg almost kept up with their premium brethren.

The program prepared by experts tuning studio, designed for a car equipped with a diesel V-shaped eight. And without that not weak unit after the intervention of specialists JE Design in the control ... Read more »
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When John Hennessy points out to the car with the intent to subject it to finalize a tuning kit, usually the real magic. There was no doubt that returning the car Mustang Boss 302 back in the world - after 42 years of neglect - the bodybuilder studio Hennessey takes him under his wing.

The company recently introduced the world to a new service pack for a car called Mustang HPE605. And now they decide to raise the stakes by releasing ... Read more »
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If you've ever sung his success in a particular case the lines "we are the champions", it means that Freddie has not escaped your attention. Better known as the vocalist of the famous band Queen, Mercury was a very bright person and multi-faceted talent.

This year he would be 65 years old. And the automaker Lotus has decided to celebrate this momentous event the release of a special model car Evora S, which go under the hammer 5th of ... Read more »
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Model 458 Italia for the recognition of most professionals and car enthusiasts is a sample of this sports car. But the master tuning studio would not be by themselves, if not made such machines even more powerful and faster.

Heffner Performance Company specializes in completions expensive and exclusive cars. In the majority of these innovations than is adherence to an already powerful engine, two turbochargers. The same path tuners f ... Read more »
CATEGORY: Tuning | VIEWS: 607

A new generation of the legendary sports coupe yet presented to the public only in photographs and video recordings. But this is not a hindrance to the tuners, which are already prepared sets updates for new Porsche.

Tuning package will include a front splitter, new sills, rear wing and, of course, a diffuser integrated into the standard rear bumper. Known and well chosen color scheme, which will consist of two colors. Presented a sk ... Read more »
CATEGORY: Tuning | VIEWS: 654

The rivalry between Audi and BMW continues at the level of tuning studio, who are adherents of a particular brand. And if fans of the Bavarian concern do not stop to offer their packages updated almost daily, the Audi tuners prefer to work longer but more efficient.

After specialists ABT Sportsline seriously worked on generalist A6, they decided to turn its attention to the "hottest" hatch in the model number of the company from Ingo ... Read more »
CATEGORY: Tuning | VIEWS: 676

The most junior M-car of the entire line was subjected to the intervention of various BMW tuning studio so many times that it is no wonder already and lose the account. Another variation on the theme of "hot penny" presented APP Europe.

Radical changes in the exterior of the car did not happen. The most striking difference from the basic version is the new black alloy wheels, shod with sports tires Pirelli P Zero. New items in the te ... Read more »
CATEGORY: Tuning | VIEWS: 707

Renault Sport department has always been famous ability to build fast cars, which is the direct representation model Megan RS. And now one of the best hot hatchbacks get a modification, linking him to Formula 1.

Radical changes in the exterior of the car will not. A distinctive feature of the special series will be white body with patent leather, as a piano black mirror, diffuser and recesses for fog lamps. No special changes and Ren ... Read more »
CATEGORY: Tuning | VIEWS: 654

What causes people to personalize or create replicas of cars from a science fiction films and popular video games? Of course, the desire to be like the heroes of famous paintings or the owners of luxury cars.

Aftermarket Hummer H1, which you see in the picture above is the recent work of German specialists in the field of camouflage, of Cam-Shaft. SUV was worked out in the style of three-dimensional shooter Call of Duty: Modern Warfa ... Read more »
CATEGORY: Tuning | VIEWS: 842

Car 2012 Audi A6 Avant the other day got a package of improvements to the renowned tuning studio ABT Sportsline. As usual, the updates include a number of aesthetic modifications, but the "highlight" of the program were exactly the productive characteristics.

Among the changes the look is easy to see the new front spoiler made ​​specifically for this model, a rear spoiler, rear "apron" with integrated tailpipes exhaust system. Comple ... Read more »
CATEGORY: Tuning | VIEWS: 633

Service Pack from a company called G Power "Typhoon" (Typhoon), we have seen in earlier versions of car BMW X5 M. But now the company took up the BMW X5, providing it with the same package, that will bring major changes to the SUV engine and aesthetic improvements.

As before, the package starts with a number of aerodynamic upgrades that make all the familiar SUV to an entirely different - in kind - a car. Among the elements you can s ... Read more »
CATEGORY: Tuning | VIEWS: 697

The German tuning studio Novitec, which is taken for all that goes on four wheels and made ​​in Italy, has pleased us with a new job. At this time attracted the attention of the tuner Hatchback Alfa Romeo Giulietta, which was found by a special approach.

The car has square exhaust pipes, a variety of alloy disks (18 to 20 inches) and sports lowered suspension type. Also has been modified and Salon.

In order to improve th ... Read more »
CATEGORY: Tuning | VIEWS: 734

The crossover from the Porsche throughout the, as yet not long, life on the line was regarded as perhaps the most athletic representative of his class. In his turn, TechArt tuning studio from one year to prove that the car can be even better.

The second generation Cayenne TechArt acquired in the performance of a new skirt front bumper with integrated driving lights. This element of optics can be carried out using modern LED elements, ... Read more »
CATEGORY: Tuning | VIEWS: 671

The new generation Opel Astra is truly stunning, but some tuners it seems that even in this car, you can add elements that will make it much better.

In the five-door hatchback version JMS shine with fresh paint, thanks to a new splitter for 219 euros, which is attached to the standard front bumper, rear diffuser for 209 euros, as well as a new exhaust system with two tailpipes peeping, which will cost 799 euro. Course will be offered ... Read more »
CATEGORY: Tuning | VIEWS: 604