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Thursday, 04.06.2020
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After the studio worked on the Polestar C30, it became clear that children do not eat their bread in vain. At that time, racing through their "know-how" of the 2.5-liter engine managed to "squeeze out" 405 horsepower.

In addition, C30 has a new suspension, brakes Brembo, but, unfortunately, do not get the car into production because of its too high a price that does not make a viable production version. But the master of the studio d ... Read more »
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The French manufacturer has officially introduced the concept cars Renault Alpine A110-50. Design innovations developed Laurence van den Acker (Laurens van den Acker), who decided that the body of his creations must consist entirely of carbon fiber. It is possible to obtain a small mass, which is only 880 pounds.

In general, design is made in the trend of the market. Streamlined shape does not allow you to blame the creator of that c ... Read more »
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Less than a month after being caught in the camera lenses Mini Cooper S JCW GP, which is tested at the German Nurburgring, was able to capture the very "young" model of the range Mini.

This car is the new coupe, which, incidentally, has already managed to get all the sports set JCW GP. This is how in the field of ubiquitous spies, the paparazzi got a rather strange car, which featured the exterior of wheels and rear diffuser, which w ... Read more »
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As you know, not so long ago known, BMW celebrated its 30th anniversary. By this solemn event the company was prepared thoroughly enough. And the results met with the release of a new model of motorcycle. This creation of modern technology and all kind specification is fully consistent with the company's image and emphasizes the particular brand.

The achievements of the company were immediately recorded on the international motovysta ... Read more »
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Two months later, after the concept was demonstrated A5 DTM, Audi has a complete production brings the version on the car show in Frankfurt, preparing to demonstrate the racing monster in all its glory.

The car has the working title of "R17", and is preparing to replace him old model A4 DTM. Homologation car is scheduled for March 1, 2012. Until then, engineers have struggled to be subjected to a test run A5. A5 DTM car has a length ... Read more »
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The legendary British brand is planning his return to the rally series. To do this, especially for a motor show in Frankfurt, engineers and designers from Norfolk has prepared a special version of its sports car.

Model Exige GT, which has undergone refinements are planned to participate only in asphalt racing. For this car has undergone significant refinements relating to the safety regulations according to the International Federati ... Read more »
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The new season promises to be a DTM series as exciting. A new silhouettes of cars, which are taken as a basis for premium coupe, all eyes will delight fans of motor racing.

Racing Audi A5 DTM, built on the basis of a new generation of the popular civic coupe, it looks simply delicious. The huge front splitter and rear wing as the new form should provide the maximum amount of downforce required. Due to the updated regulations, which i ... Read more »
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Having a good idea to establish itself in the fields of European battles, the Le Mans Series in particular, Audi R8 LMS is sent overseas to try their hand there.

The car, which is based on the version of the GT3, will be fully prepared for the start of next season. R8, omolgirovanny to participate in the Grand AM, get the thicker wall of the body: the increase is 2 millimeters. A new front splitter and rear diffuser are designed to i ... Read more »
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The French manufacturer of building a really big plans, which are directly connected with the stylish coupe RCZ. To realize the full potential of your car manual Peugeot decided to build monokubka, which did a special version of the car.

Changes in the exterior of vehicles affected only the wheels, as well as a spoiler on the trunk lid, which has become much more of the sample in a basic version, which should improve the car's aerody ... Read more »
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Do not have time to cool down the engine concept Evora GTE, launched another show in Pebble Beach, as the Lotus company plans to introduce production-version of this car in the fast-approaching auto show in Frankfurt.

Initially, the model was developed Evora GTE exclusively for the Asian market, but of Lotus came to the conclusion that it is appropriate to expand production in order to meet demand, and thus to conquer other markets. ... Read more »
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Formula 1 Calendar 2012:

18.03 - Australia
25.03 - Malaysia
15.04 - China
22.04 - Bahrain
13.05 - Spain
27.05 - Monaco
10.06 - Canada
24.06 - Europe
07/08 - United Kingdom
22.07 - Germany
29.07 - Hungary
02.09 - Belgium
09.09 - Italy
23.09 - Singapore
07.10 - South Korea
14.10 - Japan
28.10 - India
11.4 - Abu Dhabi < ... Read more »
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With nearly four hundred horsepower and acceleration time to "hundreds" in five seconds, the car Infinity FX50 hardly needs to be productive improvements. However, the term "fast enough" - is not one that comes to mind when the name of Sebastian Vettel.

Formula One racer in his spare time away to sit behind the wheel of the model FX. As an endorser of the company he Infiniti, one way or another, affects the release of the concepts of ... Read more »
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Dark gray car that you see in the picture above, from sports car Supersport Thai company 999Motorsports. New chassis has a tubular steel frame and body made ​​of fiberglass and carbon fiber, whereby the weight of cars is only 950 kg.

Supersport, which is the second car from the brand 999Motorsports (the first was the Hacker), driven by a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder turbozaryazhennym engine Ecotec. Maximum power powerplant reaches 300 horsep ... Read more »
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