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Thursday, 04.06.2020
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The Paris Motor Show is just about ready to start, and more and more car manufacturers are sharing information about their high-profile - and not - openings. One of them is, and Porsche.

The German company had promised to show in Paris, a new concept, but hours before the opening of the exhibition, the Germans with great impatience to share information about this car to the public. The new model is called Panamera Sport Turismo, defi ... Read more »
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It's no secret that the German automaker Audi is working on a small SUV that will be built on the basis of A1, however, despite the expectations of the car does not get the name of the Q1.

Instead, the Germans plan to call car Q2. Audi Crosslane Coupe Concept will be shown in a few hours during the "pre-show" of Volkswagen. During this event, the concern will talk about their new products, openings, as well as inform and interesting ... Read more »
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French manufacturer Renault has brought a new generation Clio at the Paris Motor Show, officially presented a few months ago. This model is developed based on the concept DeZir, and has managed to get five stars in crash test EuroNCAP. More photos in news publications.

2013 Renault Clio will be available with a number of interesting features, including the mode of Eco Mode, which reduces fuel consumption by 10 percent (R-Link, a spec ... Read more »
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Concept Infiniti LE was officially unveiled at the Paris Motor Show. This luxurious car with electric propulsion is able to attract the attention of fans of luxury models. Rate it look you in the gallery inside the publication.

Stock Car, developed based on the concept of Infiniti LE, is expected to come in 2014. He will get a motor with a capacity of 135 horsepower and 325 Nm of torque. On a full battery charge it can take up to 160 ... Read more »
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Company Citroen on home auto show in Paris will present a lot of interesting new products, among which we can see the concept of Citroen DS3 Electrum. As the name implies, this is an all-electric version of the compact car, which, given the automaker will be able to travel up to 120 kilometers on a full battery.

French promise innovative and unobtrusive design. The concept will be powered by two engines with a capacity of 65 kW, whic ... Read more »
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Seventh generation Golf has just seen the light, as the automotive community, hungry for new cars, once again taking for waiting. At this time, information on the new GTI-version.

Now there is some good news related to this car: German automaker Volkswagen prepares and a lightweight version of the GTI. According to rumors, the model is called Carbon GTI and as its name implies, will be created with the use of a large number of items ... Read more »
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Continue to appear in public more and more photos of participants of the Paris Motorshow. This time was published conceptual crossover TeRRA of Japanese Nissan. Novelty has zero emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere and is a Class FCEV (Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle - electric hydrogen fuel cell).

Information on whether the production model Nissan TeRRA made ​​in the same style as the exhibition copy, no. Name of the car, ... Read more »
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In 2011, he debuted a concept crossover XIV-1, which, however, never reached the production stage. In 2012, at the Geneva Motor Show Chinese automaker revealed a new model - XIV-2, the release of which is not accompanied any information. In spite of this, the Chinese again offer a new concept XIV-family.

Model E-XIV is very similar to their counterparts - it also does not have the expected date of release, but the debut of the concep ... Read more »
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Plans to revive the legendary Alpine car for a long time to remind him a tennis ball bouncing from one address to another. However, the French settled on the fact that the green light will be given at least the concept.

Recently, the network has information about what this concept will be shown on the Monaco Grand Prix in 2012. And now the first pictures flooded the world wide web, showing in all its glory Alpine A110-50. As the name ... Read more »
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The German company Mercedes-Benz presented at the Beijing Motor Show its new Concept Car Coupe Concept Style (CSC). The four-door coupe is based on the platform MFA, which is different aggressive design. Under the hood is a turbocharged 2.0 liter petrol engine chetyrehtsilidrovy, the power of 208 horsepower.

Mercedes-Benz Concept Style Coupe is a pilot version, which will form the basis for an entirely new model to be launched in 201 ... Read more »
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The rapidly growing automobile market of China is a real gold mine for any automaker, whose concepts are presented, for example, at an exhibition like the Geneva or Frankfurt, there will always be happy to taken in Beijing or Shanghai.

In turn, the German automaker Audi at the Beijing auto show, tickets for which I advise booking now, intends to present the concept Audi RS3. Differences of the new car is blue-black color scheme, as w ... Read more »
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If you're on the Frankfurt Motor Show, to penetrate the atmosphere that reigns in the halls, and suddenly saw a futuristic bike, do not worry, this is - part of the exhibition program automaker Ford.

Bike was nicknamed E-Bike and is a concept electric bike, which, by the assurance company will use in the not too distant future. Ford E-Bike has a frame made ​​of aluminum and carbon fiber, which has a weight of two and a half pounds. < ... Read more »
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At the Auto Show in Frankfurt, Opel revealed his vision of inexpensive urban electric car designed for two people. The concept is called RAK. According to the automaker, sitikar has the potential for mass production.

According to Opel, RAK built on a skeleton of steel using conventional synthetic materials. The refusal from expensive exotic materials to help significantly reduce the cost of the car. At the same engineers managed to g ... Read more »
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Today in the German carmaker Franfurte Mercedes-Benz presented a great concept F 125! Dedicated to the 125th anniversary of the brand. Plug-in hybrid vehicle demonstrates a luxurious coupe near future. According to Mercedes, the concept captures two generations at once, and looks in 2025.

F 125! Uses a lithium-sulfur battery vysokoemkostnuyu supplying the four separate electric motors, one for each wheel. This drive system is called ... Read more »
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At the 64th international exhibition of automobiles in Frankfurt presents a new style of Renault brand as an example the concept minivan Frendzy, who is also positioned as a passenger van and commercial van. This statement confirms asymmetric shape car.

Place in the cabin has been increased, mainly due to the absence of the central panel.

"We wanted to get away from the traditional format of commercial vehicles, and even ... Read more »
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Nobody expected to see a new concept Mercedes-Benz at Frankfurt Motor Show vpredverii opening, but Italian, thanks to one website it is possible right now. Photo gallery F12 model together with its description appeared today in the network.

His name Mercedes F125 was in honor of the 125th anniversary of the brand. Its a great design with wings, "Gull", he borrowed the concept sportsedana F800, presented last year at the Geneva Motor ... Read more »
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Multinational corporation Toray Industries, which specializes in textile and industrial fibers and has its headquarters in Japan, has teamed up with world-renowned designer Gordon Murray in order to create a car T-Wave AR1.

Double electric trolley is created with the intent to demonstrate the level of carbon-fiber quality fiber, which is responsible for the company Toray. According to the Japanese, the car can reach speeds of up to 1 ... Read more »
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At the upcoming motor show in Frankfurt is going to reveal the Seat, "a new and beautiful" concept, which published the official photo of a Spanish fanclub. As it turned out, the image was scanned from a page of a local newspaper ABC.

According to information posted on this site Seatfansclub.com, concept coupe sports type is called IBL. The car has dimensions (4670 mm - length 2710 mm - wheelbase), similar to the present version of s ... Read more »
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The new concept that was presented by famous Italian, was named EGO - from "Emotional Generation One" - but not in the sense of inflated self-importance. The concept has taken the form of easy supercar that will appear only in 2025.

As with any concept of futuristic design, this car Ferrari also has a design that is easiest to describe the concept of "not of this world." Stilistka cabin and driving position are inspired by modern fig ... Read more »
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Until recently, even the very idea of ​​a SUV in the company of Maserati was under a taboo. However, if the automaker wants to stay in the game, he will obey the rules and requirements of industry.

Executive Director of Maserati, Sergio Marchionne, the company recently shared his plans about his future. And in the company's intentions and the creation of the first part of the SUV, which will be built based on Jeep Grand Cherokee.
... Read more »
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As we approach the opening of the International Motor Show in Frankfurt, more details became known about the upcoming premieres. Korean company Kia have recently released pictures of its new four-door coupe concept called the GT, and also announced the first information about the technical stuffing cars. The new model should become the new master in the history of the company, it will show visitors a car dealership that the Kia brand can be produ ... Read more »
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The design of the new concept was borrowed from the famous all hatchback Opel Ampera. The striking similarity between these two models, particularly noticeable in the front of the body, which is a protruding fin. Narrow headlights, large air intake and a wide apron talking about the hidden potential of this tiny car. The driver sits in a streamlined cabin has a large area of ​​glazing, which gives him good visibility. The back of the car with a m ... Read more »
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If you think about the future, XK, it is not necessary, is not he. The fact that the company intends to present at the Jaguar automobile exhibition in Frankfurt is much more interesting and ambitious car.

They are a direct competitor to the Cayman model from Porsche. Three-liter six-cylinder car fitted with engine capacity of 376 horsepower. Concept C-X16 has inherited the best from past patterns Jaguar, and is ready to bring the mod ... Read more »
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Here is a teaser sketch of the new concept car Fisker Surf, world premiere is scheduled for the upcoming International Motor Show in Frankfurt. Unfortunately, the company is in no hurry to disclose details of their project. At the moment we know only what the manufacturer calls Surf electric vehicles with great potential.

The company's management on behalf of Henrik Fisker (Henrik Fisker), the former designer of BMW, is confident tha ... Read more »
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At the Frankfurt Motor Show Skoda will introduce a new concept car called the Mission L. Sedan segment refers to the C-Class, recalling his taillights production version of the Vision D. The unique body shape adds practicality car, well, the trunk lid suggests a similarity with the old model Citroen Xantia.

Distinctive features of the vehicle can be considered the front grille air intakes and LED headlamps.

Unfortunately ... Read more »
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Today, Volvo has announced plans to present at the Frankfurt Motor Show concept car, equipped with a new compact 4-cylinder petrol and diesel engines. The modular architecture of Volvo Environmental Architecture (VEA) provides a direct supply of fuel for petrol versions and the common fuel line diesel variants.

According to senior vice president of Volvo Peter Martens (Peter Martens), given the low consumption and CO2 emissions, the ... Read more »
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Land Rover Defender car known to the world as the most uncompromising off-roader. But at the same time, it is quite outdated. And in this connection, the attempt to introduce a new concept at an auto show in Frankfurt is very appropriate.

The new car is called the DC100, and combines the rich "off-road" experience, Defender, and a new chapter in the design of models of Land Rover. Even this combination can turn the head of anyone who ... Read more »
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Citroen has published the first official pictures of the conceptual model with a funny name, Tubik. The premiere will take place on a car in Frankfurt Auto Show.

Tubik owes minivans Tub of 1939 and its predecessor, Type H 1948, which is manufactured by Citroen to the early 1980s.

Tubik can be viewed as the van-type commercial, and family 3-row vehicle with the following dimensions: 4.8 m (length) x 2,08 m (width) x 2.05 ... Read more »
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Following a 2-seater electric vehicle Audi Urban Sportback and Spyder, Volkswagen publishes the first pictures of its new conceptual model of Nils, designed specifically for use in the city. According to the head of VW Group Research, Professor Jurgen Leoholda (Juergen Leohold), goal was to create cost-effective electric vehicle for individual trips over short distances.

VW Nils has the following dimensions: 3.04 m (length), 1.39 m ( ... Read more »
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After a few video clips and sketches of models, doubles and Urban Sportback Spyder, Audi has published a series of computer imaging concept cars, the world premiere scheduled for the coming Frankfurt Motor Show 2011.

According to the German automaker, both the concept does not look like previous models produced under the brand Audi. Urban electric vehicles Urban Sportback and Spyder are built to meet modern energy efficiency technolo ... Read more »
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French concern PSA Peugeot / Citroen past few years, surprised the public for his bold decisions in the field of design. True, the first palm owned Citroen, is now the turn of the car with a lion on the hood.

Concept, which is called the HX1, difficult at first attributed to a particular class of vehicles. Design decisions when developing body will assign him to a rather hot hatch-style Volkswagen Scirocco, but managed to knead engin ... Read more »
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You probably never heard of such an organization as EVCup, but we should give these guys time in a couple of years, and they rolled up the mountain. In November, the U.S. launches a new racing series, but before her debut, she said on the show EcoVelocity.

As part of the event, EVCup introduce a car that will take part in races: iRacer. It seems the disease hybrids, electric cars and is now progressing and now want to transplant the ... Read more »
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