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Wednesday, 17.07.2019
Main » 2011 » August » 29 » Opel Junior 2012 foto
Opel Junior 2012 foto
The only hope for giant General Motor - German Opel continues to sweat to work on developing new models for their untapped market niches. Recently announced the emergence of rival MINI, experts from Ryusselhayma already tested the model on the road.

Under cover of black films and casings can not make any representation that will present themselves from the exterior of a future model. As the test sample is selected from the three-door version of the type of body. About the car is only known that he would share the platform with the lowest Corsa, but shortened to 3.7 meters! Earlier, as reported in the cabin that will be used only the highest quality materials, as Junior, is the title of the model at the moment, we plan to competitors such coryphaeuses small premium hatchbacks of class, as the MINI and the FIAT 500.

There are a few details and the relatively engines. In particular, the base engine will be for Junior liter unit, the development of General Motors. Quite naturally, the main advantage of the motor are economical and environmentally friendly, and if specifically, to 100 kilometers vehicle will consume around 3.5 liters, and the emissions amount to only 100 g / km.

The premiere will be held at the next Junior Motor Show in Geneva. In the same production model will not until next year, and will be available in 2013 with a price tag that starts with a mark of 11 000 pounds for clients in the UK.

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