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Wednesday, 17.07.2019
Main » 2011 » August » 29 » Peugeot HX1
Peugeot HX1
French concern PSA Peugeot / Citroen past few years, surprised the public for his bold decisions in the field of design. True, the first palm owned Citroen, is now the turn of the car with a lion on the hood.

Concept, which is called the HX1, difficult at first attributed to a particular class of vehicles. Design decisions when developing body will assign him to a rather hot hatch-style Volkswagen Scirocco, but managed to knead engineering thought in the cabin as much as 6 seats! At the same time Peugeot HX1 has nothing to do with classic notions of minivans, as the vehicle height is only 1373 mm and width is 1990 mm gigantic.

Particular attention in the development of its creators have given HX1 wind component. This is indicated by a special flaps integrated into the spoiler, and two skirts, set at the top of the rear doors that open when a vehicle speed of 100 km / h. So, all these revolutionary aerodynamic elements on computers, which service a surrounding conditions and driving style, and can operate at lower speeds.

Please many fans of futuristic design and interior of the car, which will be built using the best finishing materials, such as: insertion of natural wood and brushed metal, LED lighting, and leather. HX1 and will not do without a lot of touch screens. Log in same cabin will be carried out by means of doors that will swing open upwards, providing the most convenient access to and the last row of seats.

And is known as the technical component. The main driving force behind the installation of a hybrid vehicle will be used to drive Hybrid4 front wheel diesel internal combustion engine and electric motor to the rear axle. The total installed output will be 299 horsepower, while, Peugeot HX1 can pass on only one electric 30 kilometers. When running a diesel engine, fuel economy figure is established at around 3.2 liters per 100 kilometers and CO2 emissions at the same time by only 83g/km.

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