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Wednesday, 17.07.2019
Main » 2011 » August » 28 » Renault Wing from Gordini the Gibson 2012
Renault Wing from Gordini the Gibson 2012
Music Festival to Rock Et Seine famous French sports car manufacturer, produced not only a special version of the roadster Renault, but also the guitar on this icon manufacturers of musical instruments - the companies Gibson.

Exterior of the car has not undergone any radical changes, except for corporate blue Gordini and new alloy wheels. Key updates have affected interior Wind. In particular, the seats are stitched in a new skin tone of a car. On the backside of the seats appeared logos Gibson Guitars and Gordini, as well as real guitar strings. Slightly refreshed and steering wheel, which is two-tone leather pereshito, but the main "guitar" track the reasons for climate control units and installation of a radio tape recorder. Place standard won "krutilki", which are installed on Toy Gibson to adjust the volume and tone.

As for the guitar, the object of attention of specialists Gordini was the model SG 1961. It is obvious that any technical changes to the instrument is not made. Logo appears on the hilt Avtostroiteley neck, lining the deck, and, of course, the instrument is painted in all the same sky blue color with two white ambassadors and a reminder about the initiator of the production of the series.

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