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Wednesday, 17.07.2019
Main » 2012 » June » 11 » Supercar DoniRosset
Supercar DoniRosset
Several years ago, the supercar from Brazil, Amoritz GT DR7, was ready to go into production, but nothing has happened. But now it is known that this project is once again ready for launch, but with a different name: DoniRosset.

The car got its name from William entrepreneur Denis Rosset, who planned to donate his father Donin Rosset unique exotic car. After meeting with the owner Amoritz GT, Fernando Morita, the idea grew into something more.

At present the company is in no hurry to publish the specifications of the car, but judging from the pictures, the car got more than attractive. The proportions of cars similar to Lamborghini Gallardo, and the orange LED lights give the appearance of a highlight. Logo of the car is made of gold, adorned with emeralds and painted in yellow and green in honor of the flag of Brazil. As for the engine under the hood it will have DoniRosset ten-cylinder engine capacity of 8.4 liters and output of 1.007 horsepower.

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