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Sunday, 09.08.2020
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When the Japanese car maker Toyota introduced a full-size Sequoia, many were surprised that the company, known for its compact, has decided to go a little different way. Thus, it took twelve years for which Sequoia has managed a win glory.

The current iteration has existed since 2008, starting slowly become obsolete. Unfortunately, the plan does not include Toyota full review of the car, but the lineup for 2013 Japanese prepared a sm ... Read more »
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Expected 2013 Citroen C4 Picasso came under the gun cameras during their test in Europe. See a couple of photos of you in the publication.

Recall that this car has to compete with Opel Zafira and Ford C-Max in the segment MPV. It has an evolutionary design with a sloping roof and small windows behind the bar. Camouflage can not see the other parts, but offhand there is also a new rounded front bumper, the rear door with a spoiler. En ... Read more »
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Subaru Forester SUV came to market in 1997, and three of his generation, he has demonstrated a fairly average level of sales. In August of this year it became known 50.505 cars sold, while the Honda dealership and Ford could sell Honda CR-V and Ford Escape, respectively 191.113 and 176.927 models.

Pretty easy to guess that the car must be something that can spur sales. And that "something" in this case was the release of the fourth-g ... Read more »
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Upcoming Bentley Continental Flying Spur has been seen recently re-passing the test trials on the famous German Nurburgring, but this time his body was badly camouflaged film, which is the last time was not at all.

Obviously, hidden under her new, more aggressive front end, vented hood, new headlights integrated in the boot lid spoiler, a subtle rear lights and new exhaust pipes upgraded exhaust system.

The standard vers ... Read more »
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This week in Paris, we also see the Audi Q2 Crosslane Coupe, is a compact, two-door hatchback, saloon has the formula 2 +2. The car is based on the already known MQB platform of VW Group, which has created Audi A3, Volkswagen Golf VII and Seat Leon.

According to reports, Audi Q2 Crosslane Coupe body has a length of 4250 mm, 1500 mm tall and 1900 mm wide with a 2,500 mm wheelbase. Inside is a hybrid propulsion system. To start the pow ... Read more »
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The Paris Motor Show is just about ready to start, and more and more car manufacturers are sharing information about their high-profile - and not - openings. One of them is, and Porsche.

The German company had promised to show in Paris, a new concept, but hours before the opening of the exhibition, the Germans with great impatience to share information about this car to the public. The new model is called Panamera Sport Turismo, defi ... Read more »
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It's no secret that the German automaker Audi is working on a small SUV that will be built on the basis of A1, however, despite the expectations of the car does not get the name of the Q1.

Instead, the Germans plan to call car Q2. Audi Crosslane Coupe Concept will be shown in a few hours during the "pre-show" of Volkswagen. During this event, the concern will talk about their new products, openings, as well as inform and interesting ... Read more »
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Japan's Lexus has shown to the public at the Paris Motor Show a new concept Lexus LF-CC, which has recently appeared in the headlines frequently online publications about cars. It is expected that it will be developed based on Lexus IS 2014 model year. Inside, the photos of new items.

Concept Lexus LF-CC is equipped with a new 2.5-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine, assisted by an electric motor with a high-performance batteries. Th ... Read more »
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The exhibition in Paris Spanish manufacturer Seat Hatchback demonstrated its new Ibiza ST. This is the third option after 3 - and 5-door versions of the car. New preaches practicality and functionality. Despite its sporty silhouette, the boot can hold 430 liters, and folding rear seats 1164 liters. Maximum load capacity is 515 pounds.

Speaking of engines, Ibiza ST includes a range of petrol units from a modest 60-horsepower 1.2-liter ... Read more »
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French carmaker Renault at the Paris Motor Show, presented not only a new generation Clio, but also the version of RS. Clio RS hardly be called a full-fledged sports car, but its engine boasts 200 horsepower honest.

Compared with the standard model Clio, model RS can be identified by a unique athletic elements Renault: the radiator grille, spoiler, new front and rear bumpers, wide light-emitting diodes, longer "skirts" and semnadtsat ... Read more »
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Honda is preparing its customers a few pleasant surprises. Just last week, the head of the Japanese company has confirmed the development of several vehicles, including the Civic Type R in Europe and a new supermini Jazz / Fit, as at today's press conference, the president of the Paris Motorshow European division of Honda announced plans to update the line of cars new model.

Announced today, the model is derived from the European Civ ... Read more »
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French manufacturer Renault has brought a new generation Clio at the Paris Motor Show, officially presented a few months ago. This model is developed based on the concept DeZir, and has managed to get five stars in crash test EuroNCAP. More photos in news publications.

2013 Renault Clio will be available with a number of interesting features, including the mode of Eco Mode, which reduces fuel consumption by 10 percent (R-Link, a spec ... Read more »
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Concept Infiniti LE was officially unveiled at the Paris Motor Show. This luxurious car with electric propulsion is able to attract the attention of fans of luxury models. Rate it look you in the gallery inside the publication.

Stock Car, developed based on the concept of Infiniti LE, is expected to come in 2014. He will get a motor with a capacity of 135 horsepower and 325 Nm of torque. On a full battery charge it can take up to 160 ... Read more »
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