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Thursday, 27.06.2019
Main » 2012 » September » 14 » Electric Roadster Mercedes SLS E-Cell AMG
Electric Roadster Mercedes SLS E-Cell AMG
At first glance, these spy shots of you might think that this is the most common Roadster SLS AMG, but on closer inspection you can see that this is one of the prototypes of the upcoming production version of the Mercedes AMG SLS E-Cell.

This means that the car AMG E-Cell, which in 2010 was shown as a concept, will soon reach the production stage, proving that the German Mercedes seriously preparing for the competition with the R8 E-tron.

The prototype was equipped with four electric motors - one for each axis. The total capacity of an impressive 526 horsepower and 880 N / m torque. When fully charged car can overcome to 145 kilometers, but production version promises all 200 miles.

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