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Wednesday, 17.07.2019
Main » 2011 » September » 10 » A1 Nardo from MTM
A1 Nardo from MTM
The German company MTM prepares wheel drive version of hatchback Audi A1 Nardo Edition, which in July set a world speed record for this car. According to experts, the version with all-wheel drive will be faster as opposed to front-drive cars. Three-door hatchback will be able to accelerate faster, allowing the tuner from the MTM studio beat your record is. Work on the creation of a sports car based on urban runabout already underway, but the car itself will not appear until the following year.

MTM A1 Nardo Edition will not only faster than previous versions, but still more than passable. Of course, the Quattro system is designed for the road, and not coverage roadless, but, nevertheless, easy hatchback will be more confident feel on a country road and in bad weather conditions (rain or snow) on the highway. The car will get that same 2.5-liter five-cylinder petrol turbo sports coupe from Audi TT RS. The upgraded system intake and exhaust migrated electronic control unit and increased pressure turbocharger improved the engine power to 500 hp. with. and its torque has grown to 600 Nm, while the performance of serial car - 340 hp. with. and 450 Nm respectively. Through a six-speed manual gearbox and all wheel drive Quattro, the motor will rotate the wheels front and rear axle. As a result, acceleration time to the first hundred in cars should be at least 4.5 seconds, top speed is likely to remain the same - 324 km / h.

By reducing the height of the sports suspension, MTM specialists will install new high-performance brakes with large disks, the size of 376 mm front and 288 mm rear.

Body compact four-wheel drive "hot" hatchback will get all the same aerodynamic body kit, consisting of the updated bumper and a small rear spoiler. In the front part will do the vertical vents to cool the brakes and leave on the sides of the standard skirt. A new set of 19-inch wheels set in obuyut sports tires in size 235/30. Inside, as before, we'll see racing "buckets" Recaro, sport steering wheel and plenty of skin with Alcantara. Finally the car will be presented with new rugs and decorative inserts in carbon.

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