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Wednesday, 18.09.2019
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The company Honda has published new information on the upcoming 2014 Accord HPEV, which will be assembled at the plant in Sayama Japan. It is expected that this new product will be available in early 2013 in several colors body.

Inside, there is a 4-cylinder I-VTEC, which produces power 137 hp (102 kW). It works in conjunction with an electric motor with a capacity of 166 horsepower (124 kW), which is powered by a lithium-ion battery ... Read more »
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The company Chrysler announced plans to offer new 300 Glacier Edition. It is based on a model 300S, and has a black chrome grille, gloss black accents and 19-inch alloy wheels with satin carbon finish. The creators also worked on the interior, offering a new combination of cloth and leather.

Under the hood can be located two engines: a 3.6-liter V6 with 300 hp (224 kW / 304 hp) and the 5.7-liter HEMI V8 with 363 hp (271 kW / 368 hp). ... Read more »
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Before the advent of the new generation Mercedes S-Class will have to wait for 2013. However, in order to spur curiosity and impatience, the Germans offer a sculpture of a new car.

The sculpture, called "Aesthetics S", demonstrates the interpretation of the new luxury sedan, made by the artist. Mercedes representative stated that this figure emphasizes the modernity of the new model, its status, its expressive form, as well as sporty ... Read more »
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Around the upcoming version of the new Gran Coupe 4-series there were a lot of rumors. Only now the car was seen passing tests. This prototype was first adopted as a GT 3-series, but on closer inspection it turned out to Gran Coupe codenamed F36.

Judging by the spy shots, the front part of the car will be like coupe 4-series, while the roof line will be much lower, other will be the same trunk. Compared with the sedan F30 Gran Coupe ... Read more »
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It has long been known that the company is working on a model of Jaguar XFR-S - the twin brother of the sedan XKR-S. For a time it was just speculation, but the manufacturer has officially confirmed it. According to some rumors, the new car will debut at the November Auto Show in Los Angeles.

Despite the fact that the Jaguar was stingy with images of the new model, thanks to some spy shots to create the first rendernoe image. These p ... Read more »
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Car maker Aston Martin is now going to make an already exclusive One-77 is even more special, limited edition copies of the family car, and he put them in a special program of Aston Martin, which has a straightforward name "Q".

One of the seven cars already available for sale at $ 2,995,000. Here you can trace the car and exclusivity: this model is twice the price of a standard One-77, whose price is "only" $ 1.4 million.

... Read more »
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Automotive community patiently waits Debut Acura NSX, which will be released in 2015, representing a use of hybrid systems. However, as the resource Speed, Japanese automaker Honda ponders the possibility of using this model for sport.

In an interview with Speed ​​Steve Erickson, vice president of the productive branches Honda, said: "In America, we are not so many opportunities to deploy in the field of motorsport. One of them could ... Read more »
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Mini German automaker intends to formally present the model John Cooper Works GP lineup for 2013 Paris Motor Show, to be held in late September. But preface debut auto company decided to publish the official specifications.

Let's start with the heart vehicle: under the hood will be a turbocharged inline four-cylinder engine with 1.6-liter, whose capacity will make 218 horsepower and 260 N / m torque. Also, the motor will have the fun ... Read more »
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American company Ford introduced Europeans updated 2014 Transit and Transit Connect (aka Tourneo Connect in Europe) at the event, "Go Further" in Amsterdam. Model Transit will replace E-Series in North America. Plus, it will be offered with front, rear and all-wheel drive.

Depending on the market, the car will receive a variety of engines. Europeans see under the hood a 2.2-liter diesel Duratorq TDCi, while North Americans can order ... Read more »
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Paris Motor Show will take place soon, and manufacturers are starting to take the wraps off its new products, which will be shown at the end of the month in the French capital. One is a highly anticipated MINI Paceman. In the photo you can see the production version of the new items.

Paceman MINI developed on the same platform as the five-door model, but it has a lower landing. To be precise, the new 0.4-inch closer to the road, plus ... Read more »
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Jaguar announced that it would soon begin production of the first five prototypes of hybrid sports car C-X75, which will be used to evaluate the performance of the car. According to the technical director Bob Joyce, the company wants to put this car into production, but first need to spend a lot of tests to assess the profitability of the project.

Recall that a production version is expected to be super-turbocharged 1.6-liter four-cy ... Read more »
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The European version of the new generation Honda Civic made ​​its debut last year at the Frankfurt Motor Show. And now there was evidence that the Japanese are preparing Type-R version of the car.

The prototype was spotted near the Technology Center at the Nurburgring Honda. The first obvious difference concerns the appearance of the car. The model featured a massive rear wing, larger exhaust pipes and a new front spoiler. All of thi ... Read more »
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The first generation of the ES was introduced in 1989 as the year 2013 is about to be marked by the sixth generation of this car. But beyond this, the Japanese luxury brand is planning to release and the first hybrid model line: Es 300h.

The new car will be offered with the system of Lexus Hybrid Drive, which combines the use of four-cylinder 2.5-liter capacity and an electric motor that adds up to a capacity of 200 horsepower and fu ... Read more »
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It is difficult to forget the car Super GT Carlsson C25 Royale, which was presented at the Geneva Motor Show. Production of this model was limited to only 25 copies, of which seven will be created specifically for the Chinese market.

Each of these cars will customize according to customer preferences. The very same car will be created entirely from carbon-fiber fiber, making it 180 pounds lighter standard C25. In addition to reducing ... Read more »
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Apparently the Japanese think of the Mazda, that the world is not enough special editions of their popular roadster, since the car show in Leipzig, the company brought another concept, based at the MX-5 and named Yusho.

Translated from the Japanese word meaning "victory." Concept features excellent matte white color body that sets him apart from many sports cars. In addition, the car received some improvements of the aerodynamics, in ... Read more »
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In early May, had the first information on the next-generation BMW Z4, and now a British magazine AutoCar little progress in his study of how the future will look like a roadster.

According to him, the new model will be much more athletic in appearance .. Undergo a major change hood of the car, which will be shorter than the current model. In other respects, the changes will not be so radical. Shortening of the hood was made in favor ... Read more »
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Swedish automaker Volvo carefully feels his new car - XC40 - a compact crossover, which is created on the platform of V40. Recently, cars have been seen in Norway, and now its test bed moved to the south of Europe.

The car in predicting rivals Audi Q3 and BMW X1. As you can see from these pictures, the crossover is a bit larger version of V40, so expect that the model will borrow its design features, as well as the range of engines, ... Read more »
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Several years ago, the supercar from Brazil, Amoritz GT DR7, was ready to go into production, but nothing has happened. But now it is known that this project is once again ready for launch, but with a different name: DoniRosset.

The car got its name from William entrepreneur Denis Rosset, who planned to donate his father Donin Rosset unique exotic car. After meeting with the owner Amoritz GT, Fernando Morita, the idea grew into somet ... Read more »
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The European market received a model of the Spring Edition, American - Special Edition. Continuing his own fashion, the Japanese are preparing to release another special version of its popular roadster, this time specifically for the German market.

The car was named Senshu, that the Japanese translated as "player." The model will be created based on Sports Line and get three available colors: red, white and black. Skin auto distingui ... Read more »
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German carmaker Porsche has full testing of the new members of the family's 991 models: Carrera 4 and Carrera 4S. New car hit the camera lens on the famous Nürburgring, revealing the body without any camouflage.

As seen in these pictures, new models differ smooth lines of the body, which visually connects the front and rear lights, as it once was in the early models of 4S. However, while that of the model line is hidden by the yellow ... Read more »
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The automaker Audi is conducting experiments with his electric models within two years, and only just now officially confirmed that they see the light of the model A1 E-tron electric trolley and A2. However, none of them will be released in the near future - so says the publication Car.

Model A2 will debut on the European market, where high-performance diesel and gasoline engines for quite a long time held the palm. This market is ve ... Read more »
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Rumors about the possibility of a future return to the Porsche Targa fixed roof went for a long time. This configuration appeared in 1955, when the first model appeared on the market.

Production of this model ceased in 1996, when the car roof was replaced with a sliding glass panel models 993. However, recent spy shots confirm the fact that the model Targa returns to its standard configuration.

Despite the fact that the ... Read more »
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Recently, all the preconditions are added to the fact that the Fiat-controlled company expects a significant upgrade to the lineup. One of the most controversial of future models is the Dodge Journey SRT6.

Despite the absurdity of this car, his name means a kind of "6" at SRT, indicating a solid power under the hood of the car. Most likely, the "donor" will become a model for SRT Journey R / T, which is equipped with six-cylinder V-t ... Read more »
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With a history that begins in 1948, F-Series cars are one of the best-selling trucks. At the moment there is going through its twelfth generation, ready to meet its 2013 update.

The new model will find an updated front end with new grille and xenon headlights. In addition, each customer can choose either the eighteen-dvadtsatidyuymovye drives, as well as one of three new colors: blue, brown and red.

Under the hood of the ... Read more »
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In 2011, the luxury automaker Lexus on display in Tokyo demonstrated the concept of race IS-F Club Circuit Sports Racer. And now the Japanese are willing to provide production-version of this car, which will participate in the Pikes Peak race in July.

Model of Lexus IS-F CCS-R will be equipped with five-liter eight-cylinder engine producing 450 horsepower at 6.600 rev / min and 503 N / m of torque at 5.200 rev / min. The engine will ... Read more »
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Last week, much to everyone's surprise debut at the auto show in New York, a car SRT Viper GTS-R, was first found himself on the race track in the Carolinas.

According to the representative team SRT Motorsports, the first test car showed that its performance is at a much greater level than originally expected. "Create like a car, test it and make sure it handles all the tasks - this is an incredible achievement for us" - said Gary Jo ... Read more »
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German carmaker Volkswagen revealed its latest creation, namely Volkswagen CC R-Line 2013 model year. The model will be officially presented to the public at this year's motor show in Leipzig this year. And now you can only settle for a couple of photos (one of them you can see above), and little information about the characteristics of a sedan.

According to the manufacturer Volkswagen CC R-Line 2013 will receive a new front bumper, ... Read more »
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The first rumors about this car is dated two months ago. The car came to light because of his desire to learn the Japanese automaker from their fans on a page on Facebook is how they would like to see the model 370Z.

At that time the head of marketing department of the North American Nissan, John Branche, said: "Together we will create a vehicle that extends the already impressive performance of this model, which balances between the ... Read more »
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A few months ago, this vehicle has been tested in the cold, northern Sweden, and now the French from Renault decided to test the car in a completely different weather conditions: in the warmth of southern Europe.

The car is still under a lot of camouflage body of the film, but it's still here and there you can see the new design of notes that have touched new headlights, front and rear bumpers. Not surprising as little weird "bulge" ... Read more »
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In the last week the exhibition Villa d'Este Concours d'Elegance car maker Aston Martin introduced his new project, and was named Project AM 310.

The car presented himself as a kind of preview of the new generation model DBS, which will be presented in August at the show at Pebble Beach. Despite the fact that he is not ready to provide the automaker official details on this car, the Internet is rife with various rumors and speculatio ... Read more »
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When the model appeared on the market Cadillac CTS, it was available in many variations, including sedan, coupe and station wagon. And now the same recipe for success is about to be applicable to a new model - ATS.

First, the U.S. automaker present version of the sedan and coupe, convertible and wagon but also soon join the lineup. The reason for this diversity lies in the fact that the native American market for a long time feels th ... Read more »
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After the studio worked on the Polestar C30, it became clear that children do not eat their bread in vain. At that time, racing through their "know-how" of the 2.5-liter engine managed to "squeeze out" 405 horsepower.

In addition, C30 has a new suspension, brakes Brembo, but, unfortunately, do not get the car into production because of its too high a price that does not make a viable production version. But the master of the studio d ... Read more »
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The French manufacturer has officially introduced the concept cars Renault Alpine A110-50. Design innovations developed Laurence van den Acker (Laurens van den Acker), who decided that the body of his creations must consist entirely of carbon fiber. It is possible to obtain a small mass, which is only 880 pounds.

In general, design is made in the trend of the market. Streamlined shape does not allow you to blame the creator of that c ... Read more »
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The Dutch company Vencer presented a completely new supercar, named Sarthe. Usually the new car of this class issued by little-known producers, compared with the Pagani Zonda. Should I do it in this case, you decide, but the manufacturer is unlikely to be considered his creation is not unique.

Vencer Sarthe, of course unlikely to appear in stores. Car Market World supercar is still for the most part intended for the exclusive supply ... Read more »
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German atvoproizvoditel Porsche built his first car in 1948, and four years later came the first Club Coupe. Today, the company said sixtieth anniversary of the creation of a special model of the Porsche 911 Club Coupe.

The car is created based on the 911 Carrera S, and the release of its limited only thirteen instances. The model features an exclusive dark green color of the body, and a package of Sport Design Package, which include ... Read more »
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Back in April, the British car maker Jaguar has officially confirmed that the F-Type sports car will be released, but only in coupe and roadster. But recent spy shots refute this, showing the audience coming R-version.

The future model of the Jaguar F-Type R will be equipped with the usual five-liter eight-cylinder turbocharged engine that is used in most cars with the letter "R". The exception will be that the engine will be modifie ... Read more »
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Cars Cadillac Escalade was always such a car, causing mixed feelings. His love for the great looks and hate at a substantial level of fuel consumption. Stricter regulation is now forced General Motors to work with the characteristics of a luxury SUV.

According to the statement, the new Escalade will appear in 2014. The automaker will remain true to himself, retaining the off-road truck platform, while the rest of the industry seek to ... Read more »
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For the first time coming Opel Astra sedan was seen on the tests in March, passing them in a rather cool weather. But now it is time to conduct new tests, but this time - when the warm summer weather, which allowed the roof to get rid of.

However, it does not say much about the future shape of the car, as seen by the paparazzi spy-car is a prototype, which is not yet reflected the full range of future changes, such as new doors and r ... Read more »
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Spies, the paparazzi have intensified in recent days by posting on the Web long-awaited new pictures of cars. Among them was and the new Mercedes CLA - a model that was formerly known as the CLC.

The change of name occurred due to the fact that the Germans decided to call all of their future four-door sedan and coupe CL, as well as the "baby" CLS is created based on the A-Class, the nomenclature added another letter. But back to the ... Read more »
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The seventh-generation Volkswagen Golf has been repeatedly observed passing the test trials, but this time the paparazzi lenses caught spies version of GTI.

Model Volkswagen Golf GTI will be collected on a new platform MQB. Compared with the current generation, the new car is longer and lower, but overall design remains the same. As shown in these pictures, the body of the prototype is securely hides camouflage film, however, and it ... Read more »
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The company will release a successor to the Aston Martin DB9 model in late summer. Now the final tests are carried out during one of whom managed to get the latest spy photos of new items. You can see them inside the publication.

There are no precise information concerning the technical characteristics of new Aston Martin, but it is assumed that under the hood to accommodate the 6.0-liter V12, which will produce at least 470 horsepow ... Read more »
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Rapid emergence of the name dates back to 1984, when the coupe made ​​its debut, established on the basis of a sedan 130th model. This car lasted until 1990, but his name once again returned to us as a small avtomobilchik, which will take place between the light and the new generation Fabia Octavia.

When creating a new model of inspiration were drawn from Rapid Concept Mission L, which was presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show this y ... Read more »
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2012 will be the last for this generation of DBS, as it will replace the new, updated model. But until then, all the fans of brands can turn its attention to the DBS Ultimate.

It is expected that the new DBS will make its debut at the Paris Motor Show, which originates on the 29th of September. However, before this event, the appearance of a vehicle materialize a series of new photographs, which the company intends to publish in June ... Read more »
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Atelier Richard Childress Racing Street Performance in collaboration with General Motors has created a series of car model Camaro. that are a kind of tribute to legendary NASCAR driver Dale Ernahrdu.

Car Camaro SS/RC1 created on the basis of the standard Camaro SS lineup in 2011. The modification includes not only elements of appearance, and solid improvements under the hood of the car. But whatever may be all very well, and this car ... Read more »
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When the general public was introduced a new line of cars Audi, it became clear that the car apparently undergone a minimum number of changes. In addition to small improvements here and there, Audi just made ​​sure to reduce the size of the engine model S5 with three-liter six-cylinder to eight-TFSI power of 333 horsepower.

Obviously, the new engine had far less power than its predecessor. However, the German Touring Car Eibach studi ... Read more »
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This is not the first time - and not even the second - when the new generation Range Rover has a spy camera at gunpoint, the paparazzi, but today's pictures show us much more than the previous combined.

As expected, the external features of the car have not changed, but you will notice smoother tench front of the car, which converge at the new headlamps with LED lights. However, the most radical change will lower the car's weight: ac ... Read more »
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While the German automaker Porsche is trying to postpone the release of a new-generation 911 Turbo, a camera lens comes back version of the coupe, this time demonstrating the presence of minimal camouflage films.

Compared to standard models 911 Turbo future difference is more broad rear fenders, additional air ducts, an active rear spoiler, and a rag roof, which can be safely spread out off air conditioning. Under the hood of the car ... Read more »
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Plans to revive the legendary Alpine car for a long time to remind him a tennis ball bouncing from one address to another. However, the French settled on the fact that the green light will be given at least the concept.

Recently, the network has information about what this concept will be shown on the Monaco Grand Prix in 2012. And now the first pictures flooded the world wide web, showing in all its glory Alpine A110-50. As the name ... Read more »
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The second model, that the Spanish Seat will present W? Rthersee - in addition to Leon Super Copa - will be Ibiza CS Trophy. The model, created on the basis of the standard is quite Ibiza, will cost about $ 40,000.

The company is positioning the car as the perfect start for "adult riders." The new Ibiza SC Trophy is equipped with a 1.4-liter TSI-engine rated at 180 horsepower. A couple of his seven-speed transmission shifter is locat ... Read more »
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Being controlled by the concern Volkswagen, Skoda Czech can not boast of attention due to its brand. The case must be that under the wing of Volkswagen and without enough companies to choose from.

Nevertheless, the Czechs are still worthy of attention, a lot of attention, given that they are preparing an interesting rally concept, which the company will demonstrate at the auto show Worthersee. The model is called Citigo Rally Concept ... Read more »
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