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Wednesday, 18.09.2019
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German tuning studio TH Automobile released from his garage a unique car - minibus VW T5, converted into a high-speed and high-tech office on wheels.

Comfort - it is only one component of the VW T5 minibus TH Automobile. On the "pumping" the chassis tuners also do not forget, in the rear, they found a 480-hp engine from the Porsche 911 Turbo, so that from zero to "hundreds" of vehicle accelerates in 4.9 seconds, almost like a super c ... Read more »
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If you think about the future, XK, it is not necessary, is not he. The fact that the company intends to present at the Jaguar automobile exhibition in Frankfurt is much more interesting and ambitious car.

They are a direct competitor to the Cayman model from Porsche. Three-liter six-cylinder car fitted with engine capacity of 376 horsepower. Concept C-X16 has inherited the best from past patterns Jaguar, and is ready to bring the mod ... Read more »
CATEGORY: Concepts | VIEWS: 731

In whom then-first century mind tuner specializing in fine-tuning of BMW cars switched from 1-series M, in older M3. The results are impressive.

The car looks great, but this M3 is not a single gram of whether civil sports car, which it was originally. In appearance has changed everything. The car received new front bumper with splitter, hood, side skirts with special channels to cool the brakes, as well as a new rear wing and rear b ... Read more »
CATEGORY: Tuning | VIEWS: 652

Here is a teaser sketch of the new concept car Fisker Surf, world premiere is scheduled for the upcoming International Motor Show in Frankfurt. Unfortunately, the company is in no hurry to disclose details of their project. At the moment we know only what the manufacturer calls Surf electric vehicles with great potential.

The company's management on behalf of Henrik Fisker (Henrik Fisker), the former designer of BMW, is confident tha ... Read more »
CATEGORY: Concepts | VIEWS: 697

At the upcoming motor show in Frankfurt, the world premiere of a hatchback Hyundai i30, which in the European segment C-Class will compete with models such as the Volkswagen Golf and Renault Megane. I30 compact design follows the so-called Fluidic Sculpture recently launched on the market model i40, distinguished by the hexagonal radiator grille, headlamps and panoramic front wheel arches.

Interior Design in style with the released V ... Read more »
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The Bavarian automaker Mercedes is preparing to rebuff at Audi and its flagship TT, presenting in a short time a car that is based on the B-Class.

Called SLA, is the smallest car roadster Mercedes. Among the possible engine of this car will be: four turbo 1.6-liter direct-injection, 1.8-liter turbodiesel, which will certainly syschet fame in Europe.

Transmission option will include a new seven-gear dual-clutch six-speed ... Read more »
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The French manufacturer of building a really big plans, which are directly connected with the stylish coupe RCZ. To realize the full potential of your car manual Peugeot decided to build monokubka, which did a special version of the car.

Changes in the exterior of vehicles affected only the wheels, as well as a spoiler on the trunk lid, which has become much more of the sample in a basic version, which should improve the car's aerody ... Read more »
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Result of cooperation between Toyota and Subaru putting the finishing touches and polish in order to appear before a hungry audience at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

But spies paparazzi again did their best, filling the first shots of the concept network. Concept Subaru BRZ will show him the familiar technology of Toyota FT-86. However, according to the company's model boasts a new independent from each other by design.

BRZ ... Read more »
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Spy photos Toyota Avensis 2012 without camouflage appeared on the Internet at the beginning of last month. But then the Japanese automaker did not provide any comments. And now, a week before the Frankfurt Motor Show 2011, Toyota to unveil the first official image of an updated mid-size sedan Avensis.

The photo can be seen in the presence of a new model grid, modified headlights, front and rear bumpers, which together should be the n ... Read more »
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So, after we have been able to look at the new generation of cars Porsche 911, you can start to dream on the theme of how it will look its most powerful lineup.

This is what the user social network Facebook, which is known to many under the nickname No Name WildSpeed. He used the current model of Carrera in order to make her more aggressive, sporty car, creating renderny sketch will look like next 911 Turbo. It will have a more aggre ... Read more »
CATEGORY: World news | VIEWS: 1044

Not hard to guess that the upcoming exhibition automotive industry, which will be held in Frankfurt, the BMW stand face to collect the highest number of visitors.

Among the host of models, the public will be able to see the car 1-Series Service improvements Performance Accessories. Updates are designed to improve aerodynamic performance and sports car performance 1st series. Includes an aerodynamic package, suspension modifications, ... Read more »
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At the Frankfurt Motor Show Skoda will introduce a new concept car called the Mission L. Sedan segment refers to the C-Class, recalling his taillights production version of the Vision D. The unique body shape adds practicality car, well, the trunk lid suggests a similarity with the old model Citroen Xantia.

Distinctive features of the vehicle can be considered the front grille air intakes and LED headlamps.

Unfortunately ... Read more »
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Skoda announced the launch of production of the Octavia E Line, the first fully electrified car of this brand, introduced in concept form at last year's Motor Show in Paris. In autumn this year the Czech carmaker will release 10 samples for testing zero emissions technology.

E Line, built on the Octavia Combi, is set underneath the lithium-ion batteries, 26.5 kW electric motor and a constant 80 hp (60 kW) and a maximum of 110 hp (85 ... Read more »
CATEGORY: World news | VIEWS: 580

Not so long ago added to the range MINI coupe. Since the British manufacturer already shared technical details subcompact car, now he has decided to update the collection of photos.

MINI Coupe will be offered in a complete set with a powerful engine of the entire model range. The basic version presented MINI Cooper 122 HP, followed by C 143 hp Cooper S and 184 hp, and completes the list of MINI John Cooper Works 211 HP

< ... Read more »
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Today, Volvo has announced plans to present at the Frankfurt Motor Show concept car, equipped with a new compact 4-cylinder petrol and diesel engines. The modular architecture of Volvo Environmental Architecture (VEA) provides a direct supply of fuel for petrol versions and the common fuel line diesel variants.

According to senior vice president of Volvo Peter Martens (Peter Martens), given the low consumption and CO2 emissions, the ... Read more »
CATEGORY: Concepts | VIEWS: 1401

Jeep automaker officially announced that starting in November, any customer can order the update MW3 Special Edition. It will be available in two versions: two-and four-door vehicle and will be based on a model of Jeep Wrangler Rubicon.

The car will be painted in silver with black harmonious contrasts, as well as receive a special schedule "Call of Duty" on the back. As the name implies, this model drew inspiration from the latter pa ... Read more »
CATEGORY: World news | VIEWS: 758

The British automaker Eterniti Motors published the first photos of what he calls "the world's first super-SUV». According to the company's management, Hemera please even the most demanding customers.

The prototype vehicle will be presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Serial production of SUV will begin next year.

Technical characteristics of the vehicle are unknown, except that Hemera will be built "on a platform full- ... Read more »
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When it comes to tuning the various programs and packages, car Ford Mustang is one of the most valuable and interesting for body shop. And for good reason.

A company Design-World is a connoisseur of such models, making them even more remarkable cars stunning looks and impressive performance characteristics. From exterior, Design-World offers a variety of details, such as diffuser, radiator and bumper, the orange color which contrasts ... Read more »
CATEGORY: Tuning | VIEWS: 606

The latest model of the company from Woking in the recognition of many - the standard of sports avtoombilya. But the tuners from Merdar it looked so good.

While "Zatyuningovanny" version of the MP4-12C is presented only as an image, but on these sketches can be easily understood that the machine is to change radically over. McLaren engineers to create a supercar first repelled by the aerodynamic performance, trying to make his creati ... Read more »
CATEGORY: Tuning | VIEWS: 603

Land Rover Defender car known to the world as the most uncompromising off-roader. But at the same time, it is quite outdated. And in this connection, the attempt to introduce a new concept at an auto show in Frankfurt is very appropriate.

The new car is called the DC100, and combines the rich "off-road" experience, Defender, and a new chapter in the design of models of Land Rover. Even this combination can turn the head of anyone who ... Read more »
CATEGORY: Concepts | VIEWS: 683

The carmaker Bentley together with the British design studio Linley, announced the release of a special car - Continental Flying Spur, which will receive a limited edition of 10 pieces. Auto focus only on the Chinese market, where demand is very large four-door cars.

The main theme was inspired by a famous car design furniture Linley Helix. Brett Boydel, a leading designer of Bentley, said: "The special branch was designed by Linley. ... Read more »
CATEGORY: World news | VIEWS: 561

The American automaker Dodge decides to go for broke with his famous pickups Ram, updating the range of 2012.

Both engines - 5.7-liter Hemi and the diesel 6.7-liter Cummins - will have significant performance characteristics. Eight-cylinder petrol will gain as much as 383 horsepower and 400 N / m torque. In the six-cylinder diesel engine under the hood will be sporting a 350 "horses", while torque is 800 N / m.

In additi ... Read more »
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The crossover, which became a donor for such a class of recognized leaders like the Porsche Cayenne and Audi Q7, are unlikely to be bad. Nevertheless, specialists JE Design have done so Touareg almost kept up with their premium brethren.

The program prepared by experts tuning studio, designed for a car equipped with a diesel V-shaped eight. And without that not weak unit after the intervention of specialists JE Design in the control ... Read more »
CATEGORY: Tuning | VIEWS: 615

Indian automaker Mahindra announced the launch of its first SUV, which was named XUV500 (pronounced "Five double oh)."

Company representatives say that the creation of car design was inspired by their car owners from around the world, including those who is acquired on the European markets, South Africa and, of course, India. The model will be the first SUV XUV500 from an Indian company, which will have a transverse engine, which hin ... Read more »
CATEGORY: World news | VIEWS: 831

After the accidental release of the video with the new Tacoma, Toyota decided to formally present the pick of the lineup in 2012. The car has changed not only externally but also internally.

Adding a new front grille has led to restyled headlights. The car has a new hood and front bumper. The interior was added a new toolbar and a control panel in the center console, new steering wheel and several audio systems available to choose fr ... Read more »
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By joining a Porsche 914, which was the official safety car in 1971, svezhevyshedshaya Toyota Camry is designed to continue the proud tradition at the Daytona 500, as well as the opening season of NASCAR.

The event, which will be dominated by a variety of model Pontiac, Buick, Chevrolet, Ford and other members of the American automobile industry, the role of the official safety car, which will be as Toyota Camry, 2012, says the ever- ... Read more »
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The German tuning studio Alpina, known for his love of cars of mark BMW, presented its latest development, convertible B6 Bi-Turbo, built on Convertible 6-Series, whose world premiere will take place on September 13 this year in the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Heart Alpina B6 Bi-Turbo Cabrio is a specially modified 4.4-liter V8 with dual turbo 507 hp and the incredible torque of 700 Nm, which is achieved at 3000 and 4750 rev / min.
< ... Read more »
CATEGORY: World news | VIEWS: 587

Citroen has published the first official pictures of the conceptual model with a funny name, Tubik. The premiere will take place on a car in Frankfurt Auto Show.

Tubik owes minivans Tub of 1939 and its predecessor, Type H 1948, which is manufactured by Citroen to the early 1980s.

Tubik can be viewed as the van-type commercial, and family 3-row vehicle with the following dimensions: 4.8 m (length) x 2,08 m (width) x 2.05 ... Read more »
CATEGORY: Concepts | VIEWS: 693

While the Fiat 500 continues to fly apart like hot cakes, what region take, aging Punto can not say the same. Introduced as a 2005 model Grand Punto, it already presents a third generation of these vehicles.

In Fiat's vengeance tried to keep the look and performance of the car constantly relevant time, in which he was. Thus was given the green light model Punto Evo 2009. However, this update could not boast of his solvency. But be th ... Read more »
CATEGORY: World news | VIEWS: 504

For the automaker Aston Martin has taken years to start producing its most powerful and exclusive model - One-77. Hunger minds in the very near future be able to see this car in ... National Geographic.

The famous canal opens its new season of programs "Megazavody" ("Megafactories") story about this amazing car and the company that produced it. Hour show will show all the way from the concept that was introduced in 2007 to a full pro ... Read more »
CATEGORY: World news | VIEWS: 560

Mercedes-Benz is preparing to surprise visitors at Frankfurt Motor Show several premieres, including the B-Class, C63 AMG Black Series and, of course, the third generation of premium SUVs. Less than two weeks before the show producer decides to publish new photos of the new M-Class.

In Europe the car will be offered with a new 2.1-liter 4-cylinder turbo diesel 204 hp and 500 Nm of torque, fuel consumption of just 6 l/100 km. This is ... Read more »
CATEGORY: World news | VIEWS: 573

Car Nissan NISMO GT-R GT3 recently completed a highly successful racing series Blancpain Endurance Series, finishing eighth out of thirty-five cars, thus proving that he can not only bark but bite and how to.

Built on the characteristics of a series GT3 companies and NISMO JR, car NISMO GT-R has a six-cylinder 3.8-liter engine capacity of 530 VR38DETT horsepower. Cars running David and Richard Westbrook Brebhema broke a total of 440 ... Read more »
CATEGORY: World news | VIEWS: 608

Before the new model will be 911/991 at an auto show in Frankfurt, Porsche brings to mind the current version of 911, making it a race car from GT3 R. The model that has become incredibly successful due to its speed and handling. Car of the year goes even further, presenting a more horsepower and various accessories.

A Porsche 911 GT3 R is equipped with four-liter six-cylinder engine producing 500 horsepower, which was an increase of ... Read more »
CATEGORY: World news | VIEWS: 625

Oh, those unreliable staff. How would any automaker diligently attempted to conceal their secret plans, there is always a person that thinks - or simply not resist the temptation - his duty to "feed" information hungry public to the facts.

It happened with the car Ford Mustang Boss 302, which decided to revive after a long oblivion. On leaked information, it became clear that the 2013 model will undergo significant changes and modifi ... Read more »
CATEGORY: World news | VIEWS: 675

When John Hennessy points out to the car with the intent to subject it to finalize a tuning kit, usually the real magic. There was no doubt that returning the car Mustang Boss 302 back in the world - after 42 years of neglect - the bodybuilder studio Hennessey takes him under his wing.

The company recently introduced the world to a new service pack for a car called Mustang HPE605. And now they decide to raise the stakes by releasing ... Read more »
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If you've ever sung his success in a particular case the lines "we are the champions", it means that Freddie has not escaped your attention. Better known as the vocalist of the famous band Queen, Mercury was a very bright person and multi-faceted talent.

This year he would be 65 years old. And the automaker Lotus has decided to celebrate this momentous event the release of a special model car Evora S, which go under the hammer 5th of ... Read more »
CATEGORY: Tuning | VIEWS: 653

Model 458 Italia for the recognition of most professionals and car enthusiasts is a sample of this sports car. But the master tuning studio would not be by themselves, if not made such machines even more powerful and faster.

Heffner Performance Company specializes in completions expensive and exclusive cars. In the majority of these innovations than is adherence to an already powerful engine, two turbochargers. The same path tuners f ... Read more »
CATEGORY: Tuning | VIEWS: 566

A new generation of the legendary sports coupe yet presented to the public only in photographs and video recordings. But this is not a hindrance to the tuners, which are already prepared sets updates for new Porsche.

Tuning package will include a front splitter, new sills, rear wing and, of course, a diffuser integrated into the standard rear bumper. Known and well chosen color scheme, which will consist of two colors. Presented a sk ... Read more »
CATEGORY: Tuning | VIEWS: 597

Recently it has become increasingly difficult to avoid parallels between Audi and BMW. If the Bavarians are going to start production in a brand new series, the engineers in Ingolstadt are planning to revive the old model, filling them with new content.

The new generation hatchback A2, as claimed by representatives of Audi, will be used solely electric propulsion, with the car will be as easy. The appearance of the machine, which has ... Read more »
CATEGORY: World news | VIEWS: 604

The rivalry between Audi and BMW continues at the level of tuning studio, who are adherents of a particular brand. And if fans of the Bavarian concern do not stop to offer their packages updated almost daily, the Audi tuners prefer to work longer but more efficient.

After specialists ABT Sportsline seriously worked on generalist A6, they decided to turn its attention to the "hottest" hatch in the model number of the company from Ingo ... Read more »
CATEGORY: Tuning | VIEWS: 622

After a few teasers blurred conceptual model XIV-1, SsangYong publishes new at this time clear image of the automobile, whose global show will be held at the Frankfurt Motor Show the upcoming 2011. According the South Korean automaker (part of Mahindra Group), a luxury SUV designed especially for the world market.

Judging by the renderer, the concept of XIV-1 are no B-pillar door, but it has a fully glazed roof.

«XIV-1 e ... Read more »
CATEGORY: World news | VIEWS: 519

The most powerful car the German automaker BMW sixth series has been seen recently passing the tests. At this time, cars could boast an even smaller number of camouflage tape. The new BMW 6-Series will be put into production by the end of this year and will be available in two versions: coupe and convertible.

Just as in the case of car BMW M5, M6 model will be powered by a 4.4-liter eight-cylinder bi-turbo engine producing 560 horsep ... Read more »
CATEGORY: World news | VIEWS: 683

Following a 2-seater electric vehicle Audi Urban Sportback and Spyder, Volkswagen publishes the first pictures of its new conceptual model of Nils, designed specifically for use in the city. According to the head of VW Group Research, Professor Jurgen Leoholda (Juergen Leohold), goal was to create cost-effective electric vehicle for individual trips over short distances.

VW Nils has the following dimensions: 3.04 m (length), 1.39 m ( ... Read more »
CATEGORY: Concepts | VIEWS: 668

The most junior M-car of the entire line was subjected to the intervention of various BMW tuning studio so many times that it is no wonder already and lose the account. Another variation on the theme of "hot penny" presented APP Europe.

Radical changes in the exterior of the car did not happen. The most striking difference from the basic version is the new black alloy wheels, shod with sports tires Pirelli P Zero. New items in the te ... Read more »
CATEGORY: Tuning | VIEWS: 643

Do not have time to cool down the engine concept Evora GTE, launched another show in Pebble Beach, as the Lotus company plans to introduce production-version of this car in the fast-approaching auto show in Frankfurt.

Initially, the model was developed Evora GTE exclusively for the Asian market, but of Lotus came to the conclusion that it is appropriate to expand production in order to meet demand, and thus to conquer other markets. ... Read more »
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Formula 1 Calendar 2012:

18.03 - Australia
25.03 - Malaysia
15.04 - China
22.04 - Bahrain
13.05 - Spain
27.05 - Monaco
10.06 - Canada
24.06 - Europe
07/08 - United Kingdom
22.07 - Germany
29.07 - Hungary
02.09 - Belgium
09.09 - Italy
23.09 - Singapore
07.10 - South Korea
14.10 - Japan
28.10 - India
11.4 - Abu Dhabi < ... Read more »
CATEGORY: Motorsport | VIEWS: 983

For a relatively small carmaker Subaru has a very big plans and hopes for a maximum of entrusts the coming auto show in Frankfurt.

In addition to its new "technology concept", which will demonstrate the rear-drive coupe BRZ, which was developed in conjunction with other Japanese from Toyota, Subaru will reveal the company public its new crossover XV.

As shown more in Shanghai as a concept and later in the form of sketche ... Read more »
CATEGORY: World news | VIEWS: 704

A new generation of Fiesta cars has earned a certain popularity around the world, proving that at Ford understands the statement "for small cars - the future." Once the concept of B-Max was shown at Geneva motor show, spies caught the production version, passing tests in Germany.

Future car Ford B-Max takes a niche model C-Max, from which borrow elements of design. Compared with the Fiesta, B-Max will be longer and higher get back "s ... Read more »
CATEGORY: World news | VIEWS: 578

Prototypes of the sport versions of its Audi models testing for quite some time. Now, in anticipation of the start of the Frankfurt Motor Show, the company from Ingolstadt have decided to publish all relevant information about their innovations.

Under the hood of S7 and S6, as well as touring S6 Avant, will be the engine 4.0 TFSI, which will develop 420 horsepower and 550 lb.-ft. of torque. In the motion, all vehicles will be provide ... Read more »
CATEGORY: World news | VIEWS: 553

Special zeal for the demonstration of new cars in the motor show in Frankfurt show Italian producers, especially those that are brought under the wing of FIAT. Has become involved in the legendary Lancia.

The once-popular brand is now experiencing is not their best times, and the new model will hardly be able to greatly improve the situation. The car would be called the Lancia Flavia and will be the twin brother of Chrysler 200 Conve ... Read more »
CATEGORY: World news | VIEWS: 675

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