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Wednesday, 17.07.2019
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Audi A2 2013 foto
Recently it has become increasingly difficult to avoid parallels between Audi and BMW. If the Bavarians are going to start production in a brand new series, the engineers in Ingolstadt are planning to revive the old model, filling them with new content.

The new generation hatchback A2, as claimed by representatives of Audi, will be used solely electric propulsion, with the car will be as easy. The appearance of the machine, which has so far presented only in the form of sketches, there is nothing revolutionary. Although most of the chassis, as well as a few body parts A2, will share the "baby» A1, exterior electric hatchback corresponds more recently embarked on a conveyor crossover Q3.

Despite the trend, which increases each successive generation of cars, A2 bypassed its predecessor only by the width. Vehicle length is 3.8 meters, width 1.69 meters and height is established at the mark of 1.49 meters. It is expected that the new generation of A2 can accommodate four adult passengers, who can enjoy the roof with auto dimming, analogue which is fitted as standard on new-generation Mercedes-Benz SLK.

On the A2 just debuted a new LED technology Audi. Its essence lies in the fact that the blocks will be used special optical reflectors and lasers that will do the retroreflective function as road signs. LED-elements are also used in the lateral body sections, which should provide maximum visibility when driving in the dark.

While no precise information whether to use the all-electric platform or the same priority will be given a hybrid power plant. But even in the second case, the gasoline engine will act as assistant to the electric motor, which will be the main driving force behind a pair of units.

The official premiere of the car in two weeks at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

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