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Wednesday, 18.09.2019
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AMG version of the new Mercedes A-Class has recently been seen again. Now, however, the test car boasts of having much less camouflage film, baring more details to consider.

The new A-Class from AMG - or A25 AMG - in general, be similar to the standard model A-Class, but with a distinctive pair of air ducts, thresholds, and set the new drive, and a modified brake system.

Under the hood of Mercedes engineers are going to ... Read more »
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Automakers are not the exclusive monopoly on the production of concepts. This is also engaged in design studios, and various contract manufacturers, racing teams, and even suppliers of components and materials.

But more to the point: the company Alessi Fiberglass in 1979 introduced the concept car, which was called the AR-1. Idea was to create the world's first car out of fiberglass. Nobody thought that the car will appear in the pro ... Read more »
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The G-Class is a pearl lineup German company Mercedes. The standard model is a relatively new, showing the whole range of impressive features.

And now it is time to receive the version of G63 AMG. Some may fall into the confusion concerning the name of the model, given the fact that the car was called the G55 used by the engine. However, the Germans are judged differently, calling the car G63.

SUV is equipped with eight- ... Read more »
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In the hands of children with life Motor Trend from a very reputable source got the information about the upcoming new G-series sedan from Infiniti. Some of it can be characterized as frankly implausible, but most of it sounds very thorough.

So, the next generation of G-sedan has already passed the planning phase and is in the assembly shop. According to the very source inside the company's Infiniti, the new car will be based on "ext ... Read more »
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Japanese automaker Mazda decides to treat the British market has a special model. At this time, created based on the Mazda 6 sedan. New Car Venture Edition will be offered with a gasoline or diesel engine in the sedan and wagon. Its price ranges from $ 34,000.

Skin Venture Edition distinguish the presence of colored discs semnadtsatidyuymovyh arms of steel, "sports" grille, dark glasses, as well as much of a choice of color schemes: ... Read more »
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The French company Citroen has announced a concept called Numero 9, which is to join the line of DS, which includes DS3, DS4 and DS5. This concept demonstrates the design of cars in one of three future models.

This car came together: the luxury C-segment sedan, crossover, as well as touring the executive class. Concept Numero 9 is a full hybrid, combining a 1.6-liter gasoline engine with 225 horsepower and a lithium-ion electric moto ... Read more »
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