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Wednesday, 18.09.2019
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German carmaker Volkswagen revealed its latest creation, namely Volkswagen CC R-Line 2013 model year. The model will be officially presented to the public at this year's motor show in Leipzig this year. And now you can only settle for a couple of photos (one of them you can see above), and little information about the characteristics of a sedan.

According to the manufacturer Volkswagen CC R-Line 2013 will receive a new front bumper, ... Read more »
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The first rumors about this car is dated two months ago. The car came to light because of his desire to learn the Japanese automaker from their fans on a page on Facebook is how they would like to see the model 370Z.

At that time the head of marketing department of the North American Nissan, John Branche, said: "Together we will create a vehicle that extends the already impressive performance of this model, which balances between the ... Read more »
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A few months ago, this vehicle has been tested in the cold, northern Sweden, and now the French from Renault decided to test the car in a completely different weather conditions: in the warmth of southern Europe.

The car is still under a lot of camouflage body of the film, but it's still here and there you can see the new design of notes that have touched new headlights, front and rear bumpers. Not surprising as little weird "bulge" ... Read more »
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In the last week the exhibition Villa d'Este Concours d'Elegance car maker Aston Martin introduced his new project, and was named Project AM 310.

The car presented himself as a kind of preview of the new generation model DBS, which will be presented in August at the show at Pebble Beach. Despite the fact that he is not ready to provide the automaker official details on this car, the Internet is rife with various rumors and speculatio ... Read more »
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When the model appeared on the market Cadillac CTS, it was available in many variations, including sedan, coupe and station wagon. And now the same recipe for success is about to be applicable to a new model - ATS.

First, the U.S. automaker present version of the sedan and coupe, convertible and wagon but also soon join the lineup. The reason for this diversity lies in the fact that the native American market for a long time feels th ... Read more »
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After the studio worked on the Polestar C30, it became clear that children do not eat their bread in vain. At that time, racing through their "know-how" of the 2.5-liter engine managed to "squeeze out" 405 horsepower.

In addition, C30 has a new suspension, brakes Brembo, but, unfortunately, do not get the car into production because of its too high a price that does not make a viable production version. But the master of the studio d ... Read more »
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The French manufacturer has officially introduced the concept cars Renault Alpine A110-50. Design innovations developed Laurence van den Acker (Laurens van den Acker), who decided that the body of his creations must consist entirely of carbon fiber. It is possible to obtain a small mass, which is only 880 pounds.

In general, design is made in the trend of the market. Streamlined shape does not allow you to blame the creator of that c ... Read more »
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The Dutch company Vencer presented a completely new supercar, named Sarthe. Usually the new car of this class issued by little-known producers, compared with the Pagani Zonda. Should I do it in this case, you decide, but the manufacturer is unlikely to be considered his creation is not unique.

Vencer Sarthe, of course unlikely to appear in stores. Car Market World supercar is still for the most part intended for the exclusive supply ... Read more »
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German atvoproizvoditel Porsche built his first car in 1948, and four years later came the first Club Coupe. Today, the company said sixtieth anniversary of the creation of a special model of the Porsche 911 Club Coupe.

The car is created based on the 911 Carrera S, and the release of its limited only thirteen instances. The model features an exclusive dark green color of the body, and a package of Sport Design Package, which include ... Read more »
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