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Wednesday, 18.09.2019
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Atelier Richard Childress Racing Street Performance in collaboration with General Motors has created a series of car model Camaro. that are a kind of tribute to legendary NASCAR driver Dale Ernahrdu.

Car Camaro SS/RC1 created on the basis of the standard Camaro SS lineup in 2011. The modification includes not only elements of appearance, and solid improvements under the hood of the car. But whatever may be all very well, and this car ... Read more »
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When the general public was introduced a new line of cars Audi, it became clear that the car apparently undergone a minimum number of changes. In addition to small improvements here and there, Audi just made ​​sure to reduce the size of the engine model S5 with three-liter six-cylinder to eight-TFSI power of 333 horsepower.

Obviously, the new engine had far less power than its predecessor. However, the German Touring Car Eibach studi ... Read more »
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This is not the first time - and not even the second - when the new generation Range Rover has a spy camera at gunpoint, the paparazzi, but today's pictures show us much more than the previous combined.

As expected, the external features of the car have not changed, but you will notice smoother tench front of the car, which converge at the new headlamps with LED lights. However, the most radical change will lower the car's weight: ac ... Read more »
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While the German automaker Porsche is trying to postpone the release of a new-generation 911 Turbo, a camera lens comes back version of the coupe, this time demonstrating the presence of minimal camouflage films.

Compared to standard models 911 Turbo future difference is more broad rear fenders, additional air ducts, an active rear spoiler, and a rag roof, which can be safely spread out off air conditioning. Under the hood of the car ... Read more »
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Plans to revive the legendary Alpine car for a long time to remind him a tennis ball bouncing from one address to another. However, the French settled on the fact that the green light will be given at least the concept.

Recently, the network has information about what this concept will be shown on the Monaco Grand Prix in 2012. And now the first pictures flooded the world wide web, showing in all its glory Alpine A110-50. As the name ... Read more »
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