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Wednesday, 18.09.2019
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Back in April, the British car maker Jaguar has officially confirmed that the F-Type sports car will be released, but only in coupe and roadster. But recent spy shots refute this, showing the audience coming R-version.

The future model of the Jaguar F-Type R will be equipped with the usual five-liter eight-cylinder turbocharged engine that is used in most cars with the letter "R". The exception will be that the engine will be modifie ... Read more »
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Cars Cadillac Escalade was always such a car, causing mixed feelings. His love for the great looks and hate at a substantial level of fuel consumption. Stricter regulation is now forced General Motors to work with the characteristics of a luxury SUV.

According to the statement, the new Escalade will appear in 2014. The automaker will remain true to himself, retaining the off-road truck platform, while the rest of the industry seek to ... Read more »
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For the first time coming Opel Astra sedan was seen on the tests in March, passing them in a rather cool weather. But now it is time to conduct new tests, but this time - when the warm summer weather, which allowed the roof to get rid of.

However, it does not say much about the future shape of the car, as seen by the paparazzi spy-car is a prototype, which is not yet reflected the full range of future changes, such as new doors and r ... Read more »
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Spies, the paparazzi have intensified in recent days by posting on the Web long-awaited new pictures of cars. Among them was and the new Mercedes CLA - a model that was formerly known as the CLC.

The change of name occurred due to the fact that the Germans decided to call all of their future four-door sedan and coupe CL, as well as the "baby" CLS is created based on the A-Class, the nomenclature added another letter. But back to the ... Read more »
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The seventh-generation Volkswagen Golf has been repeatedly observed passing the test trials, but this time the paparazzi lenses caught spies version of GTI.

Model Volkswagen Golf GTI will be collected on a new platform MQB. Compared with the current generation, the new car is longer and lower, but overall design remains the same. As shown in these pictures, the body of the prototype is securely hides camouflage film, however, and it ... Read more »
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The company will release a successor to the Aston Martin DB9 model in late summer. Now the final tests are carried out during one of whom managed to get the latest spy photos of new items. You can see them inside the publication.

There are no precise information concerning the technical characteristics of new Aston Martin, but it is assumed that under the hood to accommodate the 6.0-liter V12, which will produce at least 470 horsepow ... Read more »
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Rapid emergence of the name dates back to 1984, when the coupe made ​​its debut, established on the basis of a sedan 130th model. This car lasted until 1990, but his name once again returned to us as a small avtomobilchik, which will take place between the light and the new generation Fabia Octavia.

When creating a new model of inspiration were drawn from Rapid Concept Mission L, which was presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show this y ... Read more »
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2012 will be the last for this generation of DBS, as it will replace the new, updated model. But until then, all the fans of brands can turn its attention to the DBS Ultimate.

It is expected that the new DBS will make its debut at the Paris Motor Show, which originates on the 29th of September. However, before this event, the appearance of a vehicle materialize a series of new photographs, which the company intends to publish in June ... Read more »
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