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Wednesday, 17.07.2019
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Opel RAK 2012
At the Auto Show in Frankfurt, Opel revealed his vision of inexpensive urban electric car designed for two people. The concept is called RAK. According to the automaker, sitikar has the potential for mass production.

According to Opel, RAK built on a skeleton of steel using conventional synthetic materials. The refusal from expensive exotic materials to help significantly reduce the cost of the car. At the same engineers managed to gather kompaktkar weighing just 380 kg, which is 80 pounds lighter than the one-seat concept VW NILS. Body length RAK ​​will be about 3 m and a height not exceeding 1.19 meters.

It works on the concept of electric motor 49 hp (36.5 kW), which is powered by a rechargeable battery (5 kW). According to the German manufacturer, the cost of one cycle of charging user costs just 1 euro. Cruising range of experimental vehicle does not exceed 100 km.

At 10 000 km car consumes 525 kW of electricity, which can be obtained by means of solar area of ​​5 m2, installed on the roof of your garage. To hundreds of electric vehicle accelerates in less than 13 seconds, while developing a maximum speed of 120 km / h.

"Our objective was to develop electric car that can afford one, including young people. Such a car in front of you, "- said Karl-Friedrich Shtrake (Karl-Friedrich Stracke), occupying the post of head of Opel. «RAK has an attractive appearance and production capacity" - summed up the company representative.

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