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Wednesday, 17.07.2019
Main » 2012 » May » 11 » Saloon and Touring 2017 Porsche Pajun
Saloon and Touring 2017 Porsche Pajun
Over the past few months, the German automaker Porsche unveiled a fair amount of information regarding the release of new models that are designed to occupy a niche under the Porsche Panamera.

It is difficult to say why it was so decided. Perhaps the fact that, despite the fact that the Panamera sedan was received very warmly, fans wanted to brand the company to remain adhered to the production of sports cars. Until recently it was known that Porsche Pajun (Panamera Junior), will be offered only in sedan, but according to the German edition of Autobild, Porsche will also offer a version, and wagon.

Both cars will appear in 2017. The new model will be created Pajun on an entirely new platform and will use a new line of engines: six-cylinder petrol capacity of 320, 420 and 520 horsepower, as well as six-cylinder diesel with a maximum output to 313 horsepower. The car in predicting the E-class competitors from Mercedes.

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