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Tuesday, 28.01.2020
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The French manufacturer of building a really big plans, which are directly connected with the stylish coupe RCZ. To realize the full potential of your car manual Peugeot decided to build monokubka, which did a special version of the car.

Changes in the exterior of vehicles affected only the wheels, as well as a spoiler on the trunk lid, which has become much more of the sample in a basic version, which should improve the car's aerody ... Read more »
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Result of cooperation between Toyota and Subaru putting the finishing touches and polish in order to appear before a hungry audience at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

But spies paparazzi again did their best, filling the first shots of the concept network. Concept Subaru BRZ will show him the familiar technology of Toyota FT-86. However, according to the company's model boasts a new independent from each other by design.

BRZ ... Read more »
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Spy photos Toyota Avensis 2012 without camouflage appeared on the Internet at the beginning of last month. But then the Japanese automaker did not provide any comments. And now, a week before the Frankfurt Motor Show 2011, Toyota to unveil the first official image of an updated mid-size sedan Avensis.

The photo can be seen in the presence of a new model grid, modified headlights, front and rear bumpers, which together should be the n ... Read more »
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So, after we have been able to look at the new generation of cars Porsche 911, you can start to dream on the theme of how it will look its most powerful lineup.

This is what the user social network Facebook, which is known to many under the nickname No Name WildSpeed. He used the current model of Carrera in order to make her more aggressive, sporty car, creating renderny sketch will look like next 911 Turbo. It will have a more aggre ... Read more »
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Not hard to guess that the upcoming exhibition automotive industry, which will be held in Frankfurt, the BMW stand face to collect the highest number of visitors.

Among the host of models, the public will be able to see the car 1-Series Service improvements Performance Accessories. Updates are designed to improve aerodynamic performance and sports car performance 1st series. Includes an aerodynamic package, suspension modifications, ... Read more »
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At the Frankfurt Motor Show Skoda will introduce a new concept car called the Mission L. Sedan segment refers to the C-Class, recalling his taillights production version of the Vision D. The unique body shape adds practicality car, well, the trunk lid suggests a similarity with the old model Citroen Xantia.

Distinctive features of the vehicle can be considered the front grille air intakes and LED headlamps.

Unfortunately ... Read more »
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Skoda announced the launch of production of the Octavia E Line, the first fully electrified car of this brand, introduced in concept form at last year's Motor Show in Paris. In autumn this year the Czech carmaker will release 10 samples for testing zero emissions technology.

E Line, built on the Octavia Combi, is set underneath the lithium-ion batteries, 26.5 kW electric motor and a constant 80 hp (60 kW) and a maximum of 110 hp (85 ... Read more »
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Not so long ago added to the range MINI coupe. Since the British manufacturer already shared technical details subcompact car, now he has decided to update the collection of photos.

MINI Coupe will be offered in a complete set with a powerful engine of the entire model range. The basic version presented MINI Cooper 122 HP, followed by C 143 hp Cooper S and 184 hp, and completes the list of MINI John Cooper Works 211 HP

< ... Read more »
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Today, Volvo has announced plans to present at the Frankfurt Motor Show concept car, equipped with a new compact 4-cylinder petrol and diesel engines. The modular architecture of Volvo Environmental Architecture (VEA) provides a direct supply of fuel for petrol versions and the common fuel line diesel variants.

According to senior vice president of Volvo Peter Martens (Peter Martens), given the low consumption and CO2 emissions, the ... Read more »
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Jeep automaker officially announced that starting in November, any customer can order the update MW3 Special Edition. It will be available in two versions: two-and four-door vehicle and will be based on a model of Jeep Wrangler Rubicon.

The car will be painted in silver with black harmonious contrasts, as well as receive a special schedule "Call of Duty" on the back. As the name implies, this model drew inspiration from the latter pa ... Read more »
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The British automaker Eterniti Motors published the first photos of what he calls "the world's first super-SUV». According to the company's management, Hemera please even the most demanding customers.

The prototype vehicle will be presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Serial production of SUV will begin next year.

Technical characteristics of the vehicle are unknown, except that Hemera will be built "on a platform full- ... Read more »
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When it comes to tuning the various programs and packages, car Ford Mustang is one of the most valuable and interesting for body shop. And for good reason.

A company Design-World is a connoisseur of such models, making them even more remarkable cars stunning looks and impressive performance characteristics. From exterior, Design-World offers a variety of details, such as diffuser, radiator and bumper, the orange color which contrasts ... Read more »
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The latest model of the company from Woking in the recognition of many - the standard of sports avtoombilya. But the tuners from Merdar it looked so good.

While "Zatyuningovanny" version of the MP4-12C is presented only as an image, but on these sketches can be easily understood that the machine is to change radically over. McLaren engineers to create a supercar first repelled by the aerodynamic performance, trying to make his creati ... Read more »
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Land Rover Defender car known to the world as the most uncompromising off-roader. But at the same time, it is quite outdated. And in this connection, the attempt to introduce a new concept at an auto show in Frankfurt is very appropriate.

The new car is called the DC100, and combines the rich "off-road" experience, Defender, and a new chapter in the design of models of Land Rover. Even this combination can turn the head of anyone who ... Read more »
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The carmaker Bentley together with the British design studio Linley, announced the release of a special car - Continental Flying Spur, which will receive a limited edition of 10 pieces. Auto focus only on the Chinese market, where demand is very large four-door cars.

The main theme was inspired by a famous car design furniture Linley Helix. Brett Boydel, a leading designer of Bentley, said: "The special branch was designed by Linley. ... Read more »
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The American automaker Dodge decides to go for broke with his famous pickups Ram, updating the range of 2012.

Both engines - 5.7-liter Hemi and the diesel 6.7-liter Cummins - will have significant performance characteristics. Eight-cylinder petrol will gain as much as 383 horsepower and 400 N / m torque. In the six-cylinder diesel engine under the hood will be sporting a 350 "horses", while torque is 800 N / m.

In additi ... Read more »
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The crossover, which became a donor for such a class of recognized leaders like the Porsche Cayenne and Audi Q7, are unlikely to be bad. Nevertheless, specialists JE Design have done so Touareg almost kept up with their premium brethren.

The program prepared by experts tuning studio, designed for a car equipped with a diesel V-shaped eight. And without that not weak unit after the intervention of specialists JE Design in the control ... Read more »
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