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Tuesday, 28.01.2020
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The American tuning studio GWA-Tuning is planning to recreate the legendary sports car Ferrari 340 Mexico Berlinetta early 50-ies, but with a modern twist. The very original tuners were not able to get it, because this sports car is one of the most expensive and unique cars in the world, so they decided to build his version of a rarity on the platform coupe Ferrari 456, which are produced in the 90s. While in 1952, was built only three copies of ... Read more »
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The U.S. company Pennzoil, which manufactures motor oil, has arranged a special campaign "Join the Pursuit", which the winner will get an exclusive Dodge Challenger SRT8 392 "Penske Racing Edition". To take part in the campaign will go to the nearest oil change Pennzoil Company or visit the company's website to get a ticket or code. Each party has its own number, which he must enter the company's website Pennzoil.com 31 October 2011. If you are r ... Read more »
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The design of the new concept was borrowed from the famous all hatchback Opel Ampera. The striking similarity between these two models, particularly noticeable in the front of the body, which is a protruding fin. Narrow headlights, large air intake and a wide apron talking about the hidden potential of this tiny car. The driver sits in a streamlined cabin has a large area of ​​glazing, which gives him good visibility. The back of the car with a m ... Read more »
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Recently, particularly active representatives of the various tuning studio. Not deprived of attention and one of the most interesting of the charged hatchback.

Not the most expressive exterior of the car has undergone the slightest change. Instead of the standard, new alloy wheels 18 inches in diameter, which are shod with sports tire production Michelin, the dimension 225/35. Just tuners obscured Headlights Clio RS, toned glass, and ... Read more »
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It would seem, sports cars, especially Italian, so delicious that no outside interference just does not need them. However, there are people who think differently, but the result of their work is impressive.

Representatives from the German tuning studio Cam Shaft had a really fascinating work. 458 Italia, has several new aerodynamic components, the most striking of which is a new rear diffuser, reminiscent of the cars involved in a s ... Read more »
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Having a good idea to establish itself in the fields of European battles, the Le Mans Series in particular, Audi R8 LMS is sent overseas to try their hand there.

The car, which is based on the version of the GT3, will be fully prepared for the start of next season. R8, omolgirovanny to participate in the Grand AM, get the thicker wall of the body: the increase is 2 millimeters. A new front splitter and rear diffuser are designed to i ... Read more »
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Hot hatchback Renault has already repeatedly proved their worth, without any additional intervention. But if suddenly someone the basic version will be enough, come to the aid of the British RS Tuning.

Experts tuning studio, which is based in Leeds, produced a rather extensive program of improvements, which became known as Stage 2. This package included a new, more efficient intercooler, exhaust system, steel production Milltek, new ... Read more »
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A few days after the publication renders Audi to unveil first electric car concept computer image A2, the serial version is available in the next two years. A new design project comes six years after the departure of the original A2, which was the first production model with a body made ​​of aluminum. It is expected that the car will be offered with two engines: the traditional and electric.

Audi A2 has a length of 3800 mm and a widt ... Read more »
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German tuning studio TH Automobile released from his garage a unique car - minibus VW T5, converted into a high-speed and high-tech office on wheels.

Comfort - it is only one component of the VW T5 minibus TH Automobile. On the "pumping" the chassis tuners also do not forget, in the rear, they found a 480-hp engine from the Porsche 911 Turbo, so that from zero to "hundreds" of vehicle accelerates in 4.9 seconds, almost like a super c ... Read more »
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If you think about the future, XK, it is not necessary, is not he. The fact that the company intends to present at the Jaguar automobile exhibition in Frankfurt is much more interesting and ambitious car.

They are a direct competitor to the Cayman model from Porsche. Three-liter six-cylinder car fitted with engine capacity of 376 horsepower. Concept C-X16 has inherited the best from past patterns Jaguar, and is ready to bring the mod ... Read more »
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In whom then-first century mind tuner specializing in fine-tuning of BMW cars switched from 1-series M, in older M3. The results are impressive.

The car looks great, but this M3 is not a single gram of whether civil sports car, which it was originally. In appearance has changed everything. The car received new front bumper with splitter, hood, side skirts with special channels to cool the brakes, as well as a new rear wing and rear b ... Read more »
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Here is a teaser sketch of the new concept car Fisker Surf, world premiere is scheduled for the upcoming International Motor Show in Frankfurt. Unfortunately, the company is in no hurry to disclose details of their project. At the moment we know only what the manufacturer calls Surf electric vehicles with great potential.

The company's management on behalf of Henrik Fisker (Henrik Fisker), the former designer of BMW, is confident tha ... Read more »
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At the upcoming motor show in Frankfurt, the world premiere of a hatchback Hyundai i30, which in the European segment C-Class will compete with models such as the Volkswagen Golf and Renault Megane. I30 compact design follows the so-called Fluidic Sculpture recently launched on the market model i40, distinguished by the hexagonal radiator grille, headlamps and panoramic front wheel arches.

Interior Design in style with the released V ... Read more »
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The Bavarian automaker Mercedes is preparing to rebuff at Audi and its flagship TT, presenting in a short time a car that is based on the B-Class.

Called SLA, is the smallest car roadster Mercedes. Among the possible engine of this car will be: four turbo 1.6-liter direct-injection, 1.8-liter turbodiesel, which will certainly syschet fame in Europe.

Transmission option will include a new seven-gear dual-clutch six-speed ... Read more »
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