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Tuesday, 28.01.2020
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The most powerful car the German automaker BMW sixth series has been seen recently passing the tests. At this time, cars could boast an even smaller number of camouflage tape. The new BMW 6-Series will be put into production by the end of this year and will be available in two versions: coupe and convertible.

Just as in the case of car BMW M5, M6 model will be powered by a 4.4-liter eight-cylinder bi-turbo engine producing 560 horsep ... Read more »
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Following a 2-seater electric vehicle Audi Urban Sportback and Spyder, Volkswagen publishes the first pictures of its new conceptual model of Nils, designed specifically for use in the city. According to the head of VW Group Research, Professor Jurgen Leoholda (Juergen Leohold), goal was to create cost-effective electric vehicle for individual trips over short distances.

VW Nils has the following dimensions: 3.04 m (length), 1.39 m ( ... Read more »
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The most junior M-car of the entire line was subjected to the intervention of various BMW tuning studio so many times that it is no wonder already and lose the account. Another variation on the theme of "hot penny" presented APP Europe.

Radical changes in the exterior of the car did not happen. The most striking difference from the basic version is the new black alloy wheels, shod with sports tires Pirelli P Zero. New items in the te ... Read more »
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Do not have time to cool down the engine concept Evora GTE, launched another show in Pebble Beach, as the Lotus company plans to introduce production-version of this car in the fast-approaching auto show in Frankfurt.

Initially, the model was developed Evora GTE exclusively for the Asian market, but of Lotus came to the conclusion that it is appropriate to expand production in order to meet demand, and thus to conquer other markets. ... Read more »
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Formula 1 Calendar 2012:

18.03 - Australia
25.03 - Malaysia
15.04 - China
22.04 - Bahrain
13.05 - Spain
27.05 - Monaco
10.06 - Canada
24.06 - Europe
07/08 - United Kingdom
22.07 - Germany
29.07 - Hungary
02.09 - Belgium
09.09 - Italy
23.09 - Singapore
07.10 - South Korea
14.10 - Japan
28.10 - India
11.4 - Abu Dhabi < ... Read more »
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For a relatively small carmaker Subaru has a very big plans and hopes for a maximum of entrusts the coming auto show in Frankfurt.

In addition to its new "technology concept", which will demonstrate the rear-drive coupe BRZ, which was developed in conjunction with other Japanese from Toyota, Subaru will reveal the company public its new crossover XV.

As shown more in Shanghai as a concept and later in the form of sketche ... Read more »
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A new generation of Fiesta cars has earned a certain popularity around the world, proving that at Ford understands the statement "for small cars - the future." Once the concept of B-Max was shown at Geneva motor show, spies caught the production version, passing tests in Germany.

Future car Ford B-Max takes a niche model C-Max, from which borrow elements of design. Compared with the Fiesta, B-Max will be longer and higher get back "s ... Read more »
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Prototypes of the sport versions of its Audi models testing for quite some time. Now, in anticipation of the start of the Frankfurt Motor Show, the company from Ingolstadt have decided to publish all relevant information about their innovations.

Under the hood of S7 and S6, as well as touring S6 Avant, will be the engine 4.0 TFSI, which will develop 420 horsepower and 550 lb.-ft. of torque. In the motion, all vehicles will be provide ... Read more »
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Special zeal for the demonstration of new cars in the motor show in Frankfurt show Italian producers, especially those that are brought under the wing of FIAT. Has become involved in the legendary Lancia.

The once-popular brand is now experiencing is not their best times, and the new model will hardly be able to greatly improve the situation. The car would be called the Lancia Flavia and will be the twin brother of Chrysler 200 Conve ... Read more »
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Conceptual shoustopper, developed by Ford, has several objectives. In this Evos will never be on public roads.

First of all, kotseptkar which is a 2-door coupe, to encourage designers to show the movement of a single, global design. In this case, the main focus when designing the car was chosen concept «Kinetic», which is more characteristic of the European division of vehicles Ford. This is the one of the main objectives for creatin ... Read more »
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Continuing preparations for the auto show in Frunkfurte, Abarth tuning studio continues to show his "hot" model, about which we can safely say that one is better than another.

By inviting fans of fashion and style convertible 500 Italia, Abarth experts turned their attention to the fans speed and drive. The object of completions was still the same hatch 500. Version only 695 engineers and designers Competizione tuning studio offers m ... Read more »
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Representing several recent models, created with the participation of the fashion house Gucci, FIAT management shifted its focus on court tuning studio Abarth, which results were several new cars, one of which - a loaded convertible based on the model 500.

The car received a new body kit all around, new rims alloy 17-inch dimension, the two pipe exhaust system, as well as a unique and very beautiful blue body color, which is known as ... Read more »
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Acura TSX Special Edition 2012 lineup is a sportier version of the sedan, which was released to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the brand. We should immediately note a more aggressive front spoiler, unique side sills and an exclusive badge "Special Edition" on the trunk lid. The package also includes 17h7,5-inch 5-spoke aluminum wheels, dark gray.

Inside the car seats observed quilted Lux Suede, aluminum pedals and red illumination ... Read more »
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After his debut at the Geneva Motor Show last spring, the new Lanica Thema appear on the 64th International Motor Show Frankfurt. European sales of the model will start in October this year.

Customers can select from three engine variants: the 3.6-liter V6 rated at 286 hp 8-speed gearbox and the automatic 3.0-liter diesel V6 with 190 hp and 239 hp The last two are equipped with a 5-speed automatic transmission.

Pricing w ... Read more »
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The fall in sales and stiff competition from BMW 7th series and Audi A8 forced the company to reconsider its line Mercedes S-Class cars for the coming year 2013.

Latest spy shots show a beautiful model that was long due to the new bonnet and extended wheelbase. You can also see the new LED daytime running lights. It is expected that the stylistic notes the new model will dictate the concept of Mercedes F800, which implies a sharp lin ... Read more »
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Instead, the final version of his presentation, mid-sized coupe 4C, Alfa Romeo once again presents a conceptual model, but this time in a very different guise. According to the manufacturer, the new color 'Fluid Metal' better reflects the dynamics of the car. In our opinion, this color looks much more interesting than the same dull red color, which was painted in the Geneva concept.

Double model has retained the old force. The power ... Read more »
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A couple of weeks ago managed to catch spies a new model from the automaker Exige Lotus, which is tested by a terrifying camouflage a la zebra.

Fortunately, that protection does not distract from the contemplation of the merits of future innovations, allowing you to see the new items before the car officially debut at the Geneva motor show in 2012. Model 2013 Lotus Exige borrow style notes from his older brother - Evora, which will i ... Read more »
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In the automotive industry - and in other aspects of life - size is important. However, the statement "more - so better to" finally collapsed under the weight of standard fuel efficiency and even cars in general.

The company Peugeot has been one of those automakers, moving to a segment of your new car Peugeot 2008.

The new model Peugeout, received the label in 2008, will be built on a platform of Mitsubishi ASX and will ... Read more »
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After a recent routine update, the company whose name became a household name, has prepared for all those who love to ride the new "hot" version of the legendary off-roader. Now, with the right-hand steering wheel.

Under the hood of the new relief SRT8 HEMI V8 engine hidden volume 6.4 liters. This unit is at the peak of its capabilities is able to issue a frightening 464 horsepower and 630 lb.-ft. of torque. That should be enough to ... Read more »
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Recently updated one of his hits - Model SLK, the engineers in Stuttgart are working on several models, which will be based on the new platform. One of them should be the smallest convertible across the model lineup.

The new model is likely to be called SLA, is exactly the same name was given to the conceptual roadster, shown back in 2000. The car will share the new, front-wheel drive platform, which will be the official debut with a ... Read more »
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Renault Sport department has always been famous ability to build fast cars, which is the direct representation model Megan RS. And now one of the best hot hatchbacks get a modification, linking him to Formula 1.

Radical changes in the exterior of the car will not. A distinctive feature of the special series will be white body with patent leather, as a piano black mirror, diffuser and recesses for fog lamps. No special changes and Ren ... Read more »
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Car share Car & Driver reports that the car Mini Paceman was given the green light, which means the start of production thereof. Officially, the information was confirmed by Kay Segler, who said that the first batch of three-door car is on its way to the U.S..

Paceman model from start to finish based on the venerable Mini Countryman, which means you can switch to a four-wheel drive, if requested by the driver. However, as it were, an ... Read more »
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Earlier this month, published spy photos Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2013 model year, made during the testing sample at the race track Nuerburgring. Then the camouflage did not allow to discern changes in the external prototype. Today it has become possible thanks to one of blog readers Sarscoop. The car was captured on a camera phone while parked on the shipping vessel.

In the photo to see a new air intake grille with chrome strip on the ... Read more »
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After a few video clips and sketches of models, doubles and Urban Sportback Spyder, Audi has published a series of computer imaging concept cars, the world premiere scheduled for the coming Frankfurt Motor Show 2011.

According to the German automaker, both the concept does not look like previous models produced under the brand Audi. Urban electric vehicles Urban Sportback and Spyder are built to meet modern energy efficiency technolo ... Read more »
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What causes people to personalize or create replicas of cars from a science fiction films and popular video games? Of course, the desire to be like the heroes of famous paintings or the owners of luxury cars.

Aftermarket Hummer H1, which you see in the picture above is the recent work of German specialists in the field of camouflage, of Cam-Shaft. SUV was worked out in the style of three-dimensional shooter Call of Duty: Modern Warfa ... Read more »
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The world premiere of Peugeot 508 RXH, announced in July this year, will take place in the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show 2011. But now the French automaker shares with us details of new products. Built on a platform wagon version of 508, with its unique front part, the wheel arches, high suspension and 18-inch wheels crossover repeats the style of Audi Allroad and Volvo XC70.

Unlike their counterparts, Peugeot 508 RXH got a new drive ... Read more »
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