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Tuesday, 28.01.2020
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Since then, a couple of years ago, car Lexus LF-A was presented to the public, he has gained such popularity, which can boast of his European contemporaries. At this time the company had to seriously consider the release of "special" version of the car.

Following in the footsteps of the LF-A Nurburgring Edition, Lexus will soon introduce a new car model LF-A, titled "Toki Edition". According to the resource, CAR Magazine, this model ... Read more »
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German Artega atvoproizvoditel first demonstrated the car Artega SE in March this year at the Geneva Motor Show, showing how the later would look like an electric sports car.

Itself, the main task of the Germans was to force the company Tesla, and their pride and beauty - Roadster 2.5 good thinking. At the recently concluded exhibition in Frankfurt, Artega appeared before the public with some revisions, but despite this, the company ... Read more »
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Developing the Chinese market rate space requires more truly luxurious product. Including from the European automobile manufacturers. In order not to remain in the shadow of "big brother" of the tuner Carlsson decided to offer a vision of luxury for the wealthy Chinese.

The car has received index CS60 Royale and has undergone refinements rather impressive. The first update includes dvuhnadduvny engine V12. Thanks to a sports exhaust ... Read more »
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Wiesmann Roadster car survived very well in the car market, earning a certain popularity. But all good things come to da end.

So, 18 years later, as long as the world saw the first sports car Roadster MF3, he was ready to sing his last song. Complete history of this car special edition model that will be collected in collaboration with Sieger. The automaker will 18 cars - one for each year of existence - each will have a special colo ... Read more »
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Do not have time to settle down from the excitement Porsche 911/991 debut the new car as the irrepressible Germans have returned to work, testing a version of the legendary convertible car. And, apparently, a folding hard top came to an end, as these spy shots show her "softness" in all its details.

It is expected that future 911 Carrera convertible gets the same 3.4-liter six-cylinder engine produces 350 horsepower that can be found ... Read more »
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The Japanese company Daihatsu, whose majority shares are owned by Toyota, has released a new version of the Kei-car Mira, which is called e: S. Through the use of innovative technologies have improved efficiency indicators of the car.

Experts Daihatsu put in order the engine, transmission and body of the car, which has helped nearly 40% reduction in fuel consumption. The new Mira e: S equipped with a 3-cylinder 0.65-liter gasoline en ... Read more »
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So, after the automaker Audi literally "rolled" his SUV on the market Q3, automotive community began discussing its sports version, prophesy he gains the power to 300 horsepower.

Indeed, the prototype of this car was presented in complete secrecy in Switzerland, during the press opening event. The car was equipped with a 2.5-liter engine TFSI, which now can be found under the hood of the Audi RS3. And now you can enjoy some of the pi ... Read more »
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The long-awaited auto show in Frankfurt came to an end, showing a lot of surprises. However, the company's Audi still have a last card up his sleeve. And his name - Audi A6 Allroad.

The car has recently been caught in a camera lens undergoing regular testing conducted by a dense camouflage, that hardly represents the early completion of work on this model. The appearance of cars is expected at the beginning of 212 years. And no doubt ... Read more »
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Usually when people talk about Underground Racing, come to mind tuning program for vehicles such as Lamborghini and Ferrari, because they are such masters of the studio enhancements.

But a half years ago, the company announced the start of Underground Racing works on the car Audi R8 V10. And now improved to offer four different stages of renovation. New Audi R8 boasts three new packages in addition to the version of Race Version.
... Read more »
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The most successful project of French company - a model that index starting with number 200. If anyone thinks that this baby can not have the temperament of the lion, which is emblazoned on the hood of car Peugeot, the model 208 will dispel all doubts.

The debut of the car will take place over five weeks. Already known, and the price of 208. Since the car will be a direct competitor to the Ford Fiesta and Renault Clio, the minimum pr ... Read more »
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Most of the German trio has always been the ability to build ultra-fast, but the most comfortable car. And if BMW and Mercedes have always relied on adrenalinovozavisimuyu the audience, the Audi did not forget about the practicality of its sports models.

It happened at this time. Not surprisingly, the first seen a copy of the RS 4 is the future road test it in the back of wagon. And although konspiriruyuschey black and white film wit ... Read more »
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There are things that are destined to become classics. Similar values ​​and is not devoid of the automotive world, and one of his specimens - the legendary British GT Jensen Interceptor. Soon it will sparkle with new paint, retaining the old charm and rock.

A new history of this can be quite handsome dark. The owner of the rights to the brand Jensen - the Swiss company Healey Sports Cars Switzerland, but the creation and development ... Read more »
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The BMW Group has announced a luxurious coupe with all-wheel drive. Meet: BMW 650i xDrive 2012 with a 4.4-liter V8 engine with 400 power.

First of all it is worth noting that the drive system affected the weight and speed of the car, adding stability and better tire adhesion. Before hundreds sprint in 4.7 seconds.

Base cost is 86 BMW 650i 000 $. This amount includes an additional kit, which includes on-board navigation s ... Read more »
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Today, the editors blog Carscoop came spy shots of camouflaged Hyundai Santa Fe the next generation, made ​​while testing the car in California's Death Valley (USA). In Europe and certain other countries will come under the name of novelty iX45.

Despite a good disguise, you can see more manly and serious design, in part pozaimstovanny Tucson/ix35 and European models i40 and i30. The photographs clearly visible grille, found in the mo ... Read more »
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Perhaps the concept Jaguar C-X16 and drew particular attention to the passing of these days the Frankfurt Motor Show, but far from the place in the European Alps, engineers are testing a new Jaguar is not less interesting car: Jaguar XE.

The car makes its debut until next year - the exact date is unknown - and will be offered in two versions - coupe and roadster. Moreover, the roadster version will appear before the public much earli ... Read more »
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Had not yet roadster, built at the base, is almost legendary, super car, the fancy to the masses, as he had already left for tuning package. Germans from Kicherer not going to nap.

Several had lost its charm after removing the door ala "gull-wing», SLS AMG Kicherer played back cvoy corporate gloss. New, huge, black visor grill grille, combined with constant fear navedut headlights at any car that poimeet be careless in his way. To cr ... Read more »
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German supercar, the successor to the legendary SLR McLaren, is a lure for any and all fans of fast and expensive cars. And for those with petrol is part of the blood, Mercedes-Benz will offer a real generator of adrenaline.

Accurate information about the SLS AMG Black Series no. We can say that in comparison with the base version, the "black" supercar will be more sporty, powerful and manageable. It is likely that the V-shaped "figu ... Read more »
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