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Tuesday, 28.01.2020
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Japanese automaker Toyota announced that is preparing to release their first kei-cars - increasingly popular form of mini-vehicles - under a new sub-brand of Pixis.

The car, dubbed Pixis Space, officially debuted in September. Cars assembled on the basis of Daihatsu Move Conte and the speed to be prepared for each official dealer of Toyota.

After a version of the Toyota car Daihatsu Move Conte will debut before the publi ... Read more »
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Until recently, even the very idea of ​​a SUV in the company of Maserati was under a taboo. However, if the automaker wants to stay in the game, he will obey the rules and requirements of industry.

Executive Director of Maserati, Sergio Marchionne, the company recently shared his plans about his future. And in the company's intentions and the creation of the first part of the SUV, which will be built based on Jeep Grand Cherokee.
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Popular sports SUV BMW X6 is sold successfully in Europe and Asia, but despite this, the manufacturer is going to update this model, thereby further increasing sales of cars. Reystaylingovaya version of the car appears in the following year, and receive not only the internal and external innovation, and upgrading the technical part. Model 2012 is already being tested on public roads, and one of the tested vehicles with minimal camouflage was caug ... Read more »
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At the famous American auction site eBay can be found anything and nobody is surprised lots for sale. But one of the lots still attracted our attention - an exclusive Batmobile, built by U.S. company Putsch Racing. The car was built in 2011 and is a unique instance that stands out among many other clones of the original Batmobile, built in May 1930. The car put up for sale is the second time at a discounted price of 520 000 dollars for the first ... Read more »
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At the International Motor Show in Frankfurt, another exclusive audience will appreciate the German tuning studio Brabus, which specializes in refining production car brand Mercedez-Benz. Receivers will provide the visitors a joint project of the Motor Show "Smart Brabus tailor made by WeSC" - a compact city car, designed in close collaboration with the designers of WeSC. The unique car will be built only on personal request, and therefore its va ... Read more »
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