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Tuesday, 28.01.2020
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This concept has already been shown at the Geneva Motor Show, and now atvoproizvoditel SsangYong chose the German scene Frankfurt Motor Show to demonstrate the production version of the car.

SUV will be available in versions with rear-or all-wheel drive and a six-speed manual or automatic transmission. But be that as it may, and both transmissions will make a two-liter four-cylinder pair of diesel engine capacity of 153 horsepower. < ... Read more »
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One of the many cars that the company Volkswagen has brought with him to Frankfurt was the Volkswagen Polo Service R-Line. For some it may seem very ordinary car, but for others - something big.

The package includes everything you need to: improve the appearance and interior. The new color of the body, due to additional color schemes, a new set of alloy wheels. Among the various body parts can find a new front and rear bumpers, roof ... Read more »
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Mini automaker demonstrated at an automobile exhibition in Frankfurt rather unusual car - a coupe version. By the assurance company, will double avtomobilchik most dynamic auto line.

Coupe Cabriolet on the basis of collected and will be available in four variants: Cooper, entry-level, Cooper S, Cooper SD, and John Cooper Works. The owner of Mini, the company BMW, said that borrowing the body structure of the model and improving its c ... Read more »
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Not long ago, the Chinese clone showed Yema Auto Subaru Forester previous lineup. Years passed and the company stepped up its power to present the exhibition Chengdu Auto Show 2011 its next generation of clones, E-SUV, T-SUV and F16.

This is a case where pictures can tell more than words. If T-SUV - an obvious fake Volkswagen Tiguan, then E-SUV - the Chinese version of the crossover Infiniti EX. In turn, F16 and its commercial siblin ... Read more »
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If you're on the Frankfurt Motor Show, to penetrate the atmosphere that reigns in the halls, and suddenly saw a futuristic bike, do not worry, this is - part of the exhibition program automaker Ford.

Bike was nicknamed E-Bike and is a concept electric bike, which, by the assurance company will use in the not too distant future. Ford E-Bike has a frame made ​​of aluminum and carbon fiber, which has a weight of two and a half pounds. < ... Read more »
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List of bodywork studio that works with the car Porsche Panamera, as vast as the number of people that find the idea of ​​translating a sports car in a large sedan untenable.

The idea of such a vehicle is clear of every company that deals with the tuning: take the car unattractive and make the audience fall in love with his car at any price. Service Pack from Prior Design is the epitome of chic, not glamorous or, he also does not gua ... Read more »
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The company has patented BAIC appearance of the new SUV BAW B70, the exterior of which you can find many features which clearly borrowed from the Chinese popular Jeep Wrangler.

New dates back to the off-road concept, presented to the public at the last Motor Show in Shanghai. On the first figure we can conclude that the exterior of the concept migrated to the production model without any changes, except that the front fog lights have ... Read more »
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Bentley Mulsanne car is considered one of the most luxury sedans in the world, but for the Motor Show in Frankfurt Bentley was able to make it even better by updating the interior and supplying high-tech car parts.

Bentley Mulsanne saloon entirely exclusive, all its parts are manufactured and assembled by hand. To create an interior for a car goes 170 hours, which makes the price tag sedan even more impressive - for a car with a new ... Read more »
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The automaker Hyundai getting ready to introduce the world model Genesis Coupe, which has undergone a "facelift." And now, thanks to the generous guys from the blog of Hyundai, the opportunity to see the intended result of the work.

Ready vehicle will not be able to contemplate until the motor show in Detroit, which is scheduled for January 2012. However, looking at the spy shot with cell phone cameras, we can assume that little has ... Read more »
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A new generation of models CLS, bearing the index 218, dominates the consciousness not only among ordinary townsfolk, but also for professionals involved in fine-tuning of cars. A vision of the shape and configuration engine engineers Carlsoon will appeal to most fans are really fast cars.

Appearance in the performance version of the CLS design of Merzig is not so radical, race-athletic as their colleagues from Brabus. The front bump ... Read more »
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German bodybuilder studio Alpina introduced the program to finalize the BMW 5 Series, which became known as D5 Bi-Turbo. Based mainly on improving the productive performance, the package will offer "refreshed" version of the native Bavarian Motor.

The standard six-cylinder three-liter diesel engine was able to give out 245 horsepower. However, after bringing it to mind by Alpina, he was capable of more, and more precisely at 345 "hor ... Read more »
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Two months later, after the concept was demonstrated A5 DTM, Audi has a complete production brings the version on the car show in Frankfurt, preparing to demonstrate the racing monster in all its glory.

The car has the working title of "R17", and is preparing to replace him old model A4 DTM. Homologation car is scheduled for March 1, 2012. Until then, engineers have struggled to be subjected to a test run A5. A5 DTM car has a length ... Read more »
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Renntech studio bodybuilder needs no introduction - they say for their work to improve the cars Mercedes. And noticed they can not stay, because the US-based company that deals with the German cars - this is especially interesting.

One of the most popular programs Renntech has updated the car C63 AMG. The program has already gained fame all over the world, including in Russia. But all of this popularity is based solely on improving a ... Read more »
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The automaker Jeep arrived at the Frankfurt Motor Show with a "special edition" of its popular model Wrangler. New Car Wrangler Arctic draws inspiration from the harsh and snowy Arctic.

With such a specific name - the Arctic - not surprisingly, the car boasts a collection of true "winter" colors: light blue, silver and white. The model that was presented at auto shows, have color Winter Chill - light blue - and had a set of disks 17 ... Read more »
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Since the first appearance of the One-77 supercar in public more than two years, but it does not interfere with Aston Martin at Frankfurt Motor Show to participate in 2011. This year, the British automaker has brought a new exhibit at the One-77 model in a bright brown color.

Recall that the Aston Martin One-77 is equipped with a 7.3-liter V12 engine of 750 bhp with a torque of 750 Nm, which is enough to accelerate the car to 96 km / ... Read more »
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Recipe "cook" off-roader is simple: to get a model with a body "sedan", add the plastic wrap from the bottom protection, inflate the suspension to increase ground clearance and get ready to crossover. It is for such a scheme, there are many manufacturers, including Peugeot, which is now in Frankfurt presented the model 508 RXH, built on the basis of a D-class wagon.

Crossover Peugeot 508 RXH got a new drive system with a 2.0-liter tu ... Read more »
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Vehicle Body studio has an incredible knack Hamann, allowing the masters of this glorious company have improved the already impressive performance characteristics of cars.

Their choice of style look of the car - it's always hit or miss. However, there have been no case in which the cars that have undergone revision in the company, did not attract attention. One of these cars from Hamann became convertible.

Convertible, w ... Read more »
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At the Auto Show in Frankfurt, Opel revealed his vision of inexpensive urban electric car designed for two people. The concept is called RAK. According to the automaker, sitikar has the potential for mass production.

According to Opel, RAK built on a skeleton of steel using conventional synthetic materials. The refusal from expensive exotic materials to help significantly reduce the cost of the car. At the same engineers managed to g ... Read more »
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Main road show, the kind that takes place in Frankfurt, simply can not do without the participation of eminent body-shop. Such as the Mansory. And this year was no exception: the Germans did not disappoint, presenting some very interesting projects.

One of the works Mansory program was to finalize the Bentley Continental GT, which has received a number of aerodynamic and performance improvements. The Germans were "dressed up" Contine ... Read more »
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Vehicle Body studio Mansory benefits in triple the amount of exposure to car show in Frankfurt. To start with, they presented their projects about cars Audi R8 Spyder and Bentley Continental GT, and now preparing for the show and Mercedes SLS AMG.

The program contains both improve the appearance and aerodynamics, and performance improvements. Thus cars can boast of numerous elements of carbon - from the chassis up and so perfect mana ... Read more »
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Car Audi RS5 is about to appear on sale in the U.S.. But before the dispatch of cars in the States, the Germans decided to put more polish on his creation, to complete his appearance, the interior is not forgotten and about the engine.

Unscheduled "facelift" should not be surprising, given the fact that the brother - Audi A5 - has received improvements to its lineup in 2012. Auto RS5 was quite a marked improvement of appearance, amon ... Read more »
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One of the flagship of the Swedish company to be on the line here for nine years. During this time, no significant changes in the crossover did not happen. It would seem a good time, but the leadership of Volvo believes otherwise. Instead of a new generation, the Swedes showed an old car with minor modifications.

Changes to the exterior is so minimal, that at first glance are practically invisible. Slightly refreshed front bumper, as ... Read more »
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Today in the German carmaker Franfurte Mercedes-Benz presented a great concept F 125! Dedicated to the 125th anniversary of the brand. Plug-in hybrid vehicle demonstrates a luxurious coupe near future. According to Mercedes, the concept captures two generations at once, and looks in 2025.

F 125! Uses a lithium-sulfur battery vysokoemkostnuyu supplying the four separate electric motors, one for each wheel. This drive system is called ... Read more »
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At the 64th international exhibition of automobiles in Frankfurt presents a new style of Renault brand as an example the concept minivan Frendzy, who is also positioned as a passenger van and commercial van. This statement confirms asymmetric shape car.

Place in the cabin has been increased, mainly due to the absence of the central panel.

"We wanted to get away from the traditional format of commercial vehicles, and even ... Read more »
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