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Tuesday, 28.01.2020
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Literally the day before the motor show in Frankfurt, the German body builder studio Anderson Germany slightly lift the veil on its new creation - package of improvements to the car Porsche Panamera Turbo, causing great interest and impatience in the automotive community.

Among the many aerodynamic and performance improvements can be difficult to find the worker Panamera. Immediately striking new grille the car, the shape of headligh ... Read more »
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Held next major event in the life of every motorist, and the next Hamman Hawk appeared before the public. The company had already dealt with Hamman car Mercedes SLS AMG, bringing it to mind. And a new current model includes elements of the previous ones, in addition to their own style.

The main difference from the previous package of improvements is the new color scheme of the car. Hawk - Hawk - has changed its plumage with gold on a ... Read more »
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So, ladies and gentlemen, it happened! After years of exaggeration, the automaker Lotus has finally introduced the long-awaited peace car that was characteristic of "high-performance supercar is incredibly easy."

They became the new model Exige S, which boasts a brand new external and interior views. The car is equipped with six-cylinder Exige S liter DOHC 3.5 engine that is ready to offer power at 345 horsepower. The total weight of ... Read more »
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The legendary British brand is planning his return to the rally series. To do this, especially for a motor show in Frankfurt, engineers and designers from Norfolk has prepared a special version of its sports car.

Model Exige GT, which has undergone refinements are planned to participate only in asphalt racing. For this car has undergone significant refinements relating to the safety regulations according to the International Federati ... Read more »
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Company of Stuttgart not long to wait, and after the public showed their Audi car series DTM.

We can not say that the car Mercedes-Benz is radically different from its rivals from BMW and Audi. At the heart of the machine is the same carbon-fiber monocoque and the safety cage, covered with carbon panels that mimic the details of the road C class coupe, which was submitted in early 2011. Provide the clamping force will be all the same ... Read more »
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Frankfurt Motor Show beginning, which accommodate a huge number of exciting premieres, marked by a demonstration of the conceptual model, inspired by racing car WRC.

Despite the fact that a model for creating such a car were rally cars, look Fiesta ST is made rather in the style of the older "hot» Focus. A huge grill grille, which was hiding in the corner shildik indicating the feature of the series, deals with almost the entire fron ... Read more »
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The new season promises to be a DTM series as exciting. A new silhouettes of cars, which are taken as a basis for premium coupe, all eyes will delight fans of motor racing.

Racing Audi A5 DTM, built on the basis of a new generation of the popular civic coupe, it looks simply delicious. The huge front splitter and rear wing as the new form should provide the maximum amount of downforce required. Due to the updated regulations, which i ... Read more »
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Chairman of the Board of Directors Stephan Winkelmann Lamborghini has officially announced that the ultralight supercar, which will debut at the Motor Show in Frankfurt, go to a series edition of 20 copies! At this price tag on the car will be two million euros, and it - not counting the local tax and customs duties and taxes! But even these figures do not cast doubt on the fact that all 20 cars will be sold. The Italian company has experience se ... Read more »
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Most recently, his vision and shape the technical component of the sixth series of Convertible demonstrated tuners from AC Schnitzer. Share your thoughts with the public and representatives have decided to no less eminent Hamann.

If representatives from tuning studio in Aachen tried to add elegance to the car, the specialists from Laupheim decided to make his creation as an eccentric and extravagant. It is worth noting that it was th ... Read more »
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A new generation of European hatchback Honda Civic 2012 debut today at the 64th international exhibition of automobiles in Frankfurt. But now the Japanese automaker gives us the opportunity to look at the official photos of the car.

First of all, it is worth noting the style of the new 5-door Civic. If the previous model had futuristic styling, its sequence was more curvilinear forms.

Interior Civic 2012 its dual instrum ... Read more »
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Less than 24 hours before the opening of the Frankfurt Motor Show, Lexus GS 450h is officially lineup in 2013. Novelty has come to replace the hybrid premium sedan, which came to market in 2007. Like its predecessor, GS 450h is based on the GS 350 platform, combining a 3.5-liter gasoline engine with Atkinson cycle hybrid system and a proprietary motor.

Together, the two motors have a capacity of 338 hp, which is transmitted to the re ... Read more »
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The famous tuner cars Volvo has prepared for the Frankfurt Motor Show modified V60 with a special interior, exterior changes and improved performance. Heico Sportiv added vehicle two-piece front bumper, rear diffuser with carbon fiber inserts, lowered suspension and 19-inch wheels shod in rubber Pirelli 245/35R19.

The seats, door panels, instrument panel with center console finished in leather, and a ceiling covered with Alcantara. < ... Read more »
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Nobody expected to see a new concept Mercedes-Benz at Frankfurt Motor Show vpredverii opening, but Italian, thanks to one website it is possible right now. Photo gallery F12 model together with its description appeared today in the network.

His name Mercedes F125 was in honor of the 125th anniversary of the brand. Its a great design with wings, "Gull", he borrowed the concept sportsedana F800, presented last year at the Geneva Motor ... Read more »
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You and we have a chance to see the next Cadillac ATS 2013, which can be considered a competitor of compact sedans BMW 3-Series, Audi A4 and Mercedes-Benz C-Class. Following the new model in response to the BMW 5-Series and the latest Lexus GS, the company intends to release a GM full-size version of the CTS next generation.

2013 Cadillac ATS in camouflage was spotted by photographers during testing in Europe. Newbie is based on a RW ... Read more »
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Aston Martin promises to appear at the Frankfurt Motor Show with two new sports car Carbon Edition DBS, built on the platform of a special edition of 2009. In addition to the existing Carbon Black, new items will be offered in the colors of the body and Flame Orange Ceramic Grey.

Exterior Car supplemented with carbon inserts and accessories, including body side mirrors, rear lights, front mudguard body, a rear diffuser and finish the ... Read more »
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Over the past few years, Mastretta praised his first and only supercar MXT, the fastest, has the incredible torque of a car, I saw the automotive industry.

Development of auto demanded more than expected, but now the model MXT getting ready to officially enter production. It should say that the path was difficult and thorny. Of acutely limited budget to replace during the development of auto parts, which caused the delay. However, al ... Read more »
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Multinational corporation Toray Industries, which specializes in textile and industrial fibers and has its headquarters in Japan, has teamed up with world-renowned designer Gordon Murray in order to create a car T-Wave AR1.

Double electric trolley is created with the intent to demonstrate the level of carbon-fiber quality fiber, which is responsible for the company Toray. According to the Japanese, the car can reach speeds of up to 1 ... Read more »
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It does not matter what name this former lead singer of Pussycat Dolls is very difficult to pronounce. Common concerns only the fact that it is one of the most beautiful women on the planet.

She is so sexy that when she poses against the backdrop of a supercar Lamborghini Diablo, you notice it only one, and only after a good car and behind the beauty. Besides the fact that she was once a very successful singer of the group, Nicole is ... Read more »
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Once a company has demonstrated a particular model of Dodge Charger - Pursuit, body builder studio Mopar announced the release of six new police package "body kit" for this car.

"The company made ​​the Mopar Dodge Charger Pursuit car more valuable and interesting," - said the executive director of Mopar, Pietro throat - "all the elements of customization have been thoroughly tested and available to every police department in six diff ... Read more »
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The German tuners have always been famous for its super-fast and powerful cars, and in particular the Brabus. So expect from one of the giants of tuning the car industry, which would be aimed at caring for the environment, it was quite difficult.

Hybrid Mercedes-Benz E-Class will be equipped with a special package of amendments Brabus ECO D3, which is pretty impressive. Depending on the mode or Eco Sport, power plant will add to the ... Read more »
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German tuning studio has become famous throughout the world through the creation of a truly crazy machines, which were the basis for the chosen production car Mercedes-Benz. Another variation on the theme of the 4-door coupe CLS is able to excite the mind of any, even the most skeptical motorists.

The experience of previous generations has allowed Brabus become a company that produced the fastest four-door car. The previous generatio ... Read more »
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The network appeared render sedan BMW 3-Series Next Generation. The basis of the computer images were taken recently released spy shots of the "troika" 2012 model year.

As expected, the car has acquired the unique elements that were not previously inherent in the serial number of BMW. The front end has a more aggressive look than the same "five" with which to compare this model. Appearance BMW 3-Series fully reflects its sporty natur ... Read more »
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At the upcoming motor show in Frankfurt is going to reveal the Seat, "a new and beautiful" concept, which published the official photo of a Spanish fanclub. As it turned out, the image was scanned from a page of a local newspaper ABC.

According to information posted on this site Seatfansclub.com, concept coupe sports type is called IBL. The car has dimensions (4670 mm - length 2710 mm - wheelbase), similar to the present version of s ... Read more »
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The new concept that was presented by famous Italian, was named EGO - from "Emotional Generation One" - but not in the sense of inflated self-importance. The concept has taken the form of easy supercar that will appear only in 2025.

As with any concept of futuristic design, this car Ferrari also has a design that is easiest to describe the concept of "not of this world." Stilistka cabin and driving position are inspired by modern fig ... Read more »
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The next step, demonstrating the close cooperation of the two automakers - Fiat and Chrysler, - will be the launch of Van Fiat Doblo, which was familiar to all the name Ram.

The company Chrysler has not yet disclose the information and specifications of the future the van, saying only that it will be shipped from Turkey, which is a joint venture with Fiat Group TOFAS.

The company also said Chrysler, which the Turks will ... Read more »
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