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Tuesday, 28.01.2020
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On the very day when the veil will be torn from Concept Concept One Croatian automaker Rimac Automobili Auto Show in Frnkfurte, you'd better be near the medical team, as there will be many people whose jaw ushibutsya, falling at the sight.

No, they do not show the assembled audience a car that accelerates to "hundreds" of less than three seconds. However, they also copy and interesting. It is not every day you meet electric trolley, ... Read more »
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A few weeks after the publication teaser photos New Twingo in 2012, Renault is launching a network of official promotional video compact hatchback French to his world premiere at the 64th international exhibition of automobiles in Frankfurt.

According to the automaker, New Twingo is the first production car in the line of Renault with a completely new design. Hatchback received a new front end with modified headlamps, enlarged and mo ... Read more »
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In its short life, a race car from Audi - R8 LMS, had become the dominant force on the racetrack, winning more than a hundred victories, despite the fact that there is a car a couple of years.

R8 LMS track record boasts triumphs in Europe, Australia and Asia. But the only region that he has not managed to win, remains America. "Jubilee race Daytona 24 - this is a great chance for us to show the new car in the arena of the United Stat ... Read more »
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One of the most popular models, the Bavarian concern came up to the age when it is time to think about a small facelift. BMW designers thinking, and waking photographers captured one of the first upgraded vehicles.

Silhouette X6 will be left without any changes. The main innovations will affect the front and tail lights. In particular, the front headlights to change brands, "Angel Eyes" daytime running lights. Minor alterations to un ... Read more »
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Along with the new European hatchback Civic, company Honda, possibly present in Frankfurt the hardcore version of Type R Mugen, created last year with a tuning division of Mugen. Of the twenty cars were sold only sixteen. Four of them were converted into Civic Type R Mugen 2.2.

Performance of power plant increased by 30%, which amounted to 260 hp and 240 Nm at 6000 rev / min. The car also has acquired an enhanced suspension, upgraded ... Read more »
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British designer Afzal Kahn (Afzal Kahn) introduced the Audi A5 Coupe into a new image. Tuning starts with the body matte pearl-gray, vented bumpers, black front grille with red accents and a spoiler on the trunk lid.

Experts Project Kahn set square exhaust pipes, tinted windows, 21-inch alloy wheels and lowered suspension, giving the car a more aggressive attitude. The cabin appeared aluminum pedals, a new instrument panel and full ... Read more »
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At that time, all waiting for the Ferrari 458 Spider at the annual Frankfurt Motor Show, the limited number of buyers and media representatives were able to personally contemplate this supercar in one of the Italian cities.

One of these lucky ones was the moderator of the resource TeamSpeed, that soon after the event to share with a hungry public information fresh photos. Ferrari 458 Spider car is equipped with a 4.5-liter eight-cyli ... Read more »
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So, after Porsche has officially announced the specifications of the new family of 911 people with a creative mindset started thinking about the future plans of the company.

Recent data has allowed to think on how the future will be the 911 Turbo. And now it is possible to dream about the future GT3 RS. This is a car that would be perfect for those looking for performance and dynamics of this race car, but for urban landscapes. RS ve ... Read more »
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As we approach the opening of the International Motor Show in Frankfurt, more details became known about the upcoming premieres. Korean company Kia have recently released pictures of its new four-door coupe concept called the GT, and also announced the first information about the technical stuffing cars. The new model should become the new master in the history of the company, it will show visitors a car dealership that the Kia brand can be produ ... Read more »
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U.S. General Motors has declassified some of the details of the new muscle car Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 2012 model year. The car should be the most powerful and fastest Chevrolet Camaro, released the long history of this model. Previously reported 550 hp. with. and 745 Nm, but apparently these figures are not fully satisfied with the company, which returns the engine will increase to more impressive results. The debut is scheduled for auto Auto Show ... Read more »
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German tuning studio AC Schnitzer again tyuninigovat continues its production cars of any brand BMW and this time the choice fell on the tuners convertible 650i. New generation of BMW 650i Convertible has appeared only in the spring of this year and so the car just begins to grow into new bodywork, packets of technical improvements and interior customization programs from different manufacturers. In turn, AC Schnitzer offers a complete tuning pac ... Read more »
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The German company MTM prepares wheel drive version of hatchback Audi A1 Nardo Edition, which in July set a world speed record for this car. According to experts, the version with all-wheel drive will be faster as opposed to front-drive cars. Three-door hatchback will be able to accelerate faster, allowing the tuner from the MTM studio beat your record is. Work on the creation of a sports car based on urban runabout already underway, but the car ... Read more »
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Young British company Eterniti Motors, which recently announced plans to release a luxury sport utility vehicle, showed the first images of its new products. The world premiere will take place on a car in a few days at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The manufacturer promises that the public expects not only to the most luxurious, but also the most powerful series SUV in the world. Most importantly, the long wait for the implementation of the project t ... Read more »
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The German company Mercedes-Benz has expanded the list of options for its flagship sports car SLS AMG in coupe and roadster. The car receives an external and accessories that will personalize your supercar and highlight the mass of other vehicles. Also, anyone can extend the equipment of your car with new features and systems. The development of most parts engaged in athletic department AMG, so an additional package of improvements has turned out ... Read more »
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The famous German tuning studio TechArt bring in Frankfurt is one of the fastest cars ever built on the basis of Porsche. This is a new version of a sports car GTstreet RS, based on the Porsche 911 GT2 RS. The car gets a serious upgrade the engine, revised suspension, new staling package body, new interior, new set of disks and anything that might somehow affect the improvement of its speed performance. The result - the most powerful sports car o ... Read more »
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