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Wednesday, 17.07.2019
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2012 Audi RS 4
Most of the German trio has always been the ability to build ultra-fast, but the most comfortable car. And if BMW and Mercedes have always relied on adrenalinovozavisimuyu the audience, the Audi did not forget about the practicality of its sports models.

It happened at this time. Not surprisingly, the first seen a copy of the RS 4 is the future road test it in the back of wagon. And although konspiriruyuschey black and white film with a hypnotic patterns on details is not possible, but one can say with certainty - the base for the next generation, without exaggeration, the legendary sports car model will postrestaylingovaya fourth generation. Direct evidence of this can serve as a headlight contours, roughly similar to the optics, recently debuted in Frankfurt A5 models, which experienced a light, but very elegant, face-lift.

Along with appearance, remains a mystery and motor scale, which will be offered for the RS 4. Given the current capacity of Audi's acquisition of their cars, most clearly distinguished three contenders for the role of the main driving force. Topping the list is the 4.2-liter V8 from the RS5, which is capable of developing 450 horsepower. The second contender is the V8 engine capacity of 4 liters with two turbochargers. This unit gives to the mountain 434 horsepower and is used as the sole to the S6 and S7. Bringing up the rear inflatable V-shaped six. This motor is able to develop about 400 horsepower in the fight against direct competitors may not be enough.

The expected debut of new items scheduled for the same time as the yield updated A4.

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