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Wednesday, 17.07.2019
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2014 Jensen Interceptor
There are things that are destined to become classics. Similar values ​​and is not devoid of the automotive world, and one of his specimens - the legendary British GT Jensen Interceptor. Soon it will sparkle with new paint, retaining the old charm and rock.

A new history of this can be quite handsome dark. The owner of the rights to the brand Jensen - the Swiss company Healey Sports Cars Switzerland, but the creation and development of a new generation of "interceptor" will the British group of enthusiasts from CPP, which may eventually cause some confusion. Based on sketches that have provided designers easily traced GT, which was produced from 1966 to 1976. By and large, the new Interceptor - nothing like a big, 3-door hatchback, which without much difficulty be located four adults fear the Porsche Panamera! The silhouette of the new Interceptor has lost a massive line of glass, although the trunk box, which occupies almost the whole of its area has remained unchanged. Heavier and closer to the ground Interceptor massive wheel arches with gigantic wheels. Remain recognizable nose machine, but that's completely altered food, not keeping any hint of its progenitor, having played a role in creating the image of a predatory devourer of roads, which has a first generation car.

It is planned that the new generation of the legendary Jensen will be released in limited editions, and it ensures complete exclusivity of the car body which will be assembled by hand. Under a physical appearance and motor will Interceptor, and although no details of the power units are not reported, you can be confident that the CPP will not let engineers.

The official premiere of "interceptor" is scheduled for 2012, and the first customers will get their cars already in 2014, which, according to representatives of both companies involved in the development of machines, in any case should not disappoint their owners, as the new Jensen Interceptor by a truly modern, exclusively by the British GT.

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