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Wednesday, 17.07.2019
Main » 2011 » September » 11 » Batmobile for Putsch Racing
Batmobile for Putsch Racing
At the famous American auction site eBay can be found anything and nobody is surprised lots for sale. But one of the lots still attracted our attention - an exclusive Batmobile, built by U.S. company Putsch Racing. The car was built in 2011 and is a unique instance that stands out among many other clones of the original Batmobile, built in May 1930. The car put up for sale is the second time at a discounted price of 520 000 dollars for the first time for cars would get 620 000 dollars.

The initiator of the construction of an exclusive "Batmobile" was Casey Putsch, owner of the shop Putsch Racing, which has been previously concerned primarily restoration and tuning of cars and motorcycles. This Batmobile is virtually a full copy of the original car, built for the film, shot in the late 80s. The long hood, a small double cab, fenders in the rear and a large nozzle make this car look like a plane. Body parts were made of fiberglass and aluminum, monocoque chassis with possible to achieve the total mass of 1270 kg. As befits a car was painted completely black, but lost all of their weapons. You can get inside the compartment with slide-forward roof. The interior was installed dashboard from the helicopter, which have built in IPad, and stereo sound. The driver and passenger sit in comfortable seats trimmed in black leather, auto and control three-spoke steering wheel is over.

The power unit was borrowed from a military helicopter and can operate on diesel, kerosene, aviation fuel or special Jet A. 365-hp engine, equipped with an air compressor, integral with quad semi-automatic gearbox. The machine has the sound of this helicopter, which makes it even more noticeable and unique. The car has an independent adjustable suspension, disc brakes and even a fire-extinguishing system.

Batmobile entirely suitable for use on public roads, the United States. Casey says he putsch, engine, created by order of the Ministry of Defence, has increased reliability, and its service can run on almost any experienced motorist.

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