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Wednesday, 17.07.2019
Main » 2011 » September » 13 » Mastretta MXT foto
Mastretta MXT foto
Over the past few years, Mastretta praised his first and only supercar MXT, the fastest, has the incredible torque of a car, I saw the automotive industry.

Development of auto demanded more than expected, but now the model MXT getting ready to officially enter production. It should say that the path was difficult and thorny. Of acutely limited budget to replace during the development of auto parts, which caused the delay. However, all this in the past. The first Mexican supercar ready to appear before the public road later this month.

Car Mastretta MXT will debut with a two-liter Ford Duratec engine under the hood, which is able to produce 250 horsepower. Price of approximately $ 58.000. The cost seems too high, but the car worked on this for seven years. It is necessary to give them their due.

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