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Wednesday, 17.07.2019
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Mercedes-Benz Roadster 2012 info
Recently updated one of his hits - Model SLK, the engineers in Stuttgart are working on several models, which will be based on the new platform. One of them should be the smallest convertible across the model lineup.

The new model is likely to be called SLA, is exactly the same name was given to the conceptual roadster, shown back in 2000. The car will share the new, front-wheel drive platform, which will be the official debut with an appearance on the market of second generation kompaktven Class B. Another brother of the future will be updated SLA hechtchbek A-class, and passing a road test a 4-door coupe and BLS, yet compact crossover concept at all, BLK.

The main motive for creating such a car for Mercedes-Benz became more than a successful sales Audi TT Roadster and open "a penny» BMW. On this basis, we can expect the very best materials, such as when creating a body, and in interior decoration. Most likely, the roadster will have a modern "bucket" sport seats made of carbon fiber, and the body is made from a combination of plastic and aluminum.

There are no details of the power plants, but appear to be the basic unit volume of 1.6 liter direct injection and turbocharging. To transmit torque and power to the front wheels are likely to offer a 7-band automatic transmission or six-speed manual gearbox. It is worth mentioning that the concept of SLA Vision, representatives from Mercedes-Benz assumed a supercharged engine volume of 1.9 liters.

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