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Wednesday, 17.07.2019
Main » 2011 » September » 10 » Rimac Automobili presents Concept One foto
Rimac Automobili presents Concept One foto
On the very day when the veil will be torn from Concept Concept One Croatian automaker Rimac Automobili Auto Show in Frnkfurte, you'd better be near the medical team, as there will be many people whose jaw ushibutsya, falling at the sight.

No, they do not show the assembled audience a car that accelerates to "hundreds" of less than three seconds. However, they also copy and interesting. It is not every day you meet electric trolley, powered battery that is able to develop the capacity to 1.088 horsepower.

The torque of that monster is 2800 N / m. As soon as you have time to come to their senses when they realized that overclocked to 304 km / h. Not bad for a country that does not include the automotive industry. And if you're not impressed with the productive characteristics, then take a look at photos that are not likely to leave anyone indifferent.

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